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It's That Time...For the Season...To Be Ending...



So I found out today that my last day at the park for the season will probably be sometime around the last weekend of our three-week Fall Harvest fest. That is the weekend of October 12-13-14. As it turns out, I'm going to be on the other side of the state that exact weekend, so my last day might end up being the 11th. I'll find out when the schedule gets updated next week. (I get paid bi-weekly, and today was the last day of the current pay period, so the schedule for the period following this next one should be ready sometime early next week.)


It's definitely sad knowing that the end of my work season will now be coming up pretty soon. :( I mean yeah, I knew it would have to be coming up before too long, but knowing the exact time now kind of drives it home, yeah? Now I just need to figure out what to do with myself - employment-wise - for the time being. I'm definitely planning on applying to work at the park again next year, but until then...I really have two options: Either work elsewhere in the meantime, or since technically the end of the season is a "lay-off", I could file an unemployment claim. I'd really rather work in the meantime, probably at other seasonal jobs so that I don't have to "quit" to work at the park again. This way, I can save the unemployment option for in case the job search doesn't work out.


But, we'll see... :)


Staying optimistic,



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File for unemployment immediately after the current job ends. The state will gladly cut it off when you land another job. If you don't, you are just leaving money on the table.

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I agree with Mike, MJ. You have a right to access state and federal benefits, so don't give up on that. It''s not like they'll give you a moratorium on paying taxes, once you find your new job!


Good luck!

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Don't you have only one unemployment benefit option just once in your life time? So exercise it wisely. I hope you'll find a job soon. And please feel free to chat with us in the mean time. :)

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Appreciate everyone's input. :)


I need an assistant.

call to discuss


Got a way to get me down to Texas there Yang? ;)

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