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So, It's Been One Year You Say...



Huh. It's been one year now since I registered here on GA. Like so many of us, I too lurked around for a little while before decided to register for the forums on here. Also like so many of us, I too was drawn here by finding Q's Second Shot posted elsewhere, getting impatient, and coming over here to read the rest. (I've seen quite a few people mention this in chat, in case anyone doesn't believe me. :P)


It feels...I dunno...odd, that it's been one year exactly as of today. In one way, I can't believe one year has now passed since the day I registered here. In another way...it almost feels like, "What? It's only been one year now? Really?" I guess I feel like that, because of all the people I've encountered in that year's span, most of whom have been around here much longer than me, and several of whom I talk to pretty regularly around here. I'm in a bit of a rush (going to a movie night with friends after I post this), so I won't take the time to go through all the names, but...y'all know who you are. :)


It also feels odd reflecting on that one year since...because if you'd have told me what I'd get up to in that time, I might have given you a look like this: :o - and just stare at you like, "What??" From being a regular poster on several well-followed stories, to getting into writing myself (oh yeah *smacks forehead* ...latest is due Tuesday for the anthology! :P), to becoming a beta reader for an Admin's foray into writing, to meeting a couple other members in person...


I'll say it, it's been a great year here on GA. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif So... here's to another great year around these parts. And more.




Cheers. cool.png

-Mike (who is now going to be fashionably late...but, whatever. :P)

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Happy Anniversary, MJ!


I've been a GA member for 6+ years and arrived the same way you did...followed an author I liked to his home place. He's no longer here, but I am. As far as I'm concerned, that's a fair exchange.

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Really? Wow, that's cool - you've been here a year :)


Feels longer but only cause I feel like I've been talking to you forever - or two years one month and four days which is how long I've been a member :P [i had to look it up so don't be impressed i knew that lol]


Here's to another good year and thanks for the shout out. Glad I could help lead you here. :)

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Happy one year anniversary MJ!!!!! Hopefully you'll be here many more years!


Some of the keys to long life ( :P ) here on GA are:


- not doing too much (like being a beta, editor, author, volunteering for a lot of committees/tasks, spending a lot of time in GA chat, etc.), so you don't get burned out.

- not getting sucked into any drama

- not taking anything too personally if anyone teases you too much in GA Chat (hehe, meaning don't let me bother you)

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Happy one year anniversary MJ :) can't believe it's only been a year, i swear i thought you were here longer :) in four more months it will be two years for me. enjoy your movie and listen to vic :P

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Happy one year anniversary. It is funny how times goes by so swiftly when you have found a happy place. The folks, and atmosphere, ( and of course all of the great reading) makes for a soft landing after a hard day. :)

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Thanks everyone! :)


- not doing too much (like being a beta, editor, author, volunteering for a lot of committees/tasks, spending a lot of time in GA chat, etc.), so you don't get burned out.


LOL, when the hell did we get committees here Vic? :P

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