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world music



as much as love contemporary shit, i love ancient shit too.


this is huun-huur tur, they're from Tuva, which is apart of the Russian Federation and boarders Mongolia. the thing is they can throat sing, the throat singing is achieved by layering drones, usually you can hear a distinct "whistle" sound which they can produce if they're very experienced. you can understand it if you watch it. this stuff is cool to me because this kind of stuff shaped contemporary shit we hear now regardless of how you look at it. Buddhist monks kind of do this too, pretty much unlocking the mythic "other" set of vocal chords. their intro is pretty good representation of it, pure voice.


they also say that this type of folk music has shamanistic healing powers, the harmonies they reach together are toooo good. 34:40 is a really cool song, and the one before it at 29:00ish is incredibly rhythmic. various cultural instruments which have legit timbre, from that region of the world especially, that drum is call doshpuulur which means shaman drum, that DBZ looking dude at the end is playing. and you obviously don't need to know what they're saying to be moved by some of this.


anyway, if you like world music and cool harmonies listen, its an hour. i dunno i bet some of you will find the vocals annoying cause of the pitch, but give it a chance. you'll be better for it anyway cause music makes your brain big!


and the audience is pretty nice looking too, go figure California huehue~



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