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Holidays are almost here, or Welcome to retail hell



It is that time of the year again. The time I use to love, but over time has become nothing more than overtime and craziness. I guess that is what happens when you work retail. Of course it doesn't help to work retail at the return desk either. So as everyone gears up for Thanksgiving and black Friday, I prepare for the lines, the yelling, and being told once again I have ruined some family's Christmas or Hanukkah because I personally don't want to get the item from where I am hiding it in the back because they know it isn't sold out, won't return the item they bought last year so they can replace it with this year's model, or am a lazy bastard who won't order them what they want and get it for them at half price because they are such a great customer. Happy Holidays. :lol:


After all it is only a thirteen hour shift for Black Friday. I guess I shouldn't complain. At least I don't work for one of the retailers who feel they should open at 8pm on Thanksgiving evening so their employees have to be there by 6pm. Good bye holiday. Hello retail hell.


I wish I could say that is all a joke but I hear that year after year and wonder if the Grinch stole more than just Christmas, like maybe some of their minds.


Turning this focus off the wild ride I am about to embark on once again and onto how I am planning to stay sane this year I have had to make some decisions.


1) There will be no Christmas cards this year. That doesn't mean I am not sending Christmas greetings out. What it does mean is with my ever growing list of friends and family I can't afford to send close to sixty cards out all over the world. I can do it if I send postcards so that is what I am doing instead. Face it thirty five cents I can afford rather than a dollar ten or more for some cards I mail. Besides I have Christmas packages to get out too and I have to cut somewhere. :lol:


2) Holiday shopping - other than three people who I haven't had time to get out for my shopping for Christmas is done. Yes I don't wait for the holidays otherwise i would be screwed. I was never a fan of hitting the malls at holiday time and working retail just has me feeling sympathy for those who are stuck in that special type of hell.


3) Holiday Baking - Anyone who knows me at all knows this is my way to relax. I love to cook and to bake. So I managed to make sure I have two days off in December together in the early part of the month so I can do mine.


Remember, the holidays are almost here. Plan for them. Don't let yourself panic about what you spend or how things go. If you want to enjoy them, then do. I am making sure I have time to see the people special to me. The biggest gift I might give to both them and me is time. Time to see them, time to relax with them, and time to just renew the bonds that make people special to me.


Whatever you might celebrate, enjoy. Happy Holidays all.

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Sheesh, you saved me a lot of worry writing this. So damn true.


We actually gave our grandson his two biggest gifts early. We could not stand it. now we are scratching our heads as to what we should get him.


But, I refuse to stress about Christmas. Like you, I love cooking, so I will hide in the kitchen and hit someone with my skilllet if they interfere. :P

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Can I ask what your planning on baking this year? I need some new ideas!!


Oh and just incase I forget at Christmas time.. Merry Christmas Wayne :P

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I can sympathize. I used to work at Target in logistics, and I know the absolute insaneness that goes on from Thanksgiving night to Christmas. Its miserable and not fun.

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Well, I like some of this post but not other parts of it! tongue.png I hate that you and bunches of others in retail have to put up with this consumer driven holiday. I hate that the holidays are so materialistic, they lose the meaning of the special times. I'm glad that you are formulating a plan to deal with the stress, I hope you get a lot of baking done and get to enjoy the celebration. Tell those old hags where to shove their 1/2 price un-needed crap!


We are trying for a much simpler holiday this year. We got invited to 2 holiday parties: 1 is a cookie party where everyone brings ingredents and do a mass baking of cookied that get divided up by all the families.


2 someone (JJ) signed us up for a scrapbooking christmas card party so if you get a card this year that looks like crazy- superglue-decoupage-crafty- stuffy...It's from us laugh.png It should be fun, lots of family and friend stuff, which is what the holidays are about.


Happy Holidays Wayne! hug.gif

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Oh so you're the guy who wouldn't let me return the underwear I bought. Dude I told you, I've washed it 7 times, the stain is gone!

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Y_B - Ewww. And not that type of store, I do electronics. lol


KC - Sounds like you should have fun. They already rewrote the schedule for next week. I had Wednesday and Thursday off which was great with me cooking dinner but now I'm off Tuesday and closing Wednesday. So not happy, but I will survive.


Tet - I ran a restaurant before this so the holidays are just something to survive lately. I suppose if I wasn't single it might not be so bad.

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