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Life's ups and downs



Hi All,


I know it has been a while but I figured I would update things a bit. I am really having some ups and downs but trying to keep it going.


I prefer to focus on the good.


I am up to five Halloween cards this year. One of them was a postcard for the Day of the Dead. That was a first for me so really made me smile. Plus one of the people who sent to me mentioned they didn't know Halloween cards existed. They should just wait. Any of my usual's know I send out cards for all occasions. Granted I have missed one person's this year. (Don't ask I feel like an idiot already) However, I do try to keep them all straight and get them out.


My brother finally went to find out about the pain in his back. Whatever it is, it has to be better than the constant pain he has been in, so I consider that an improvement.


Dad's results came in. The blood loss was from tears in the lower stomach and upper intestine. So far all results show it healing and his body recovering. The surgery that was done on his leg is also healing well and his doctor is pleased with how it is closing and how he is handling it.


I have had friends dealing with various issues. I am always willing to lend support and an ear. I can't always fix things.though God knows I wouldn't mind being able to do so, but I am only human. I just wish so many people would stop saying they don't want to tell me cause they know I have a lot on my plate. For any reading this, let me make this clear. If I can't take a few minutes to put whatever small issues I am dealing with aside to listen to you, then I really shouldn't be friends with you. Sorry, there are always going to be times when things go wrong, but the fact is a friend will always make time for you. Sorry, I'm human like everyone else, but I sure as hell ain't made of glass and going to fall apart at a moments notice. I hope to hell I am made of sterner stuff than that.


So, the Halloween Story is still in revision after I got it back. I wanted to make sure I fleshed out what my beta pointed out to me so it makes sense. My editor went over and passed a few more comments so still finishing it up a bit. Working on the winter anthology story now and Jonas. (Sometimes i wish I just killed him off. :lol: The boy doesn't want to work with me, but I am determined to finish him off next week and write the five chapters straight through.) Wish me luck.



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You are more than a friend to me Unc, and please, please stop apologising, you have NOTHING to be sorry for.

Keep smiling Unc, you do it so well :hug:

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Good luck with your writing.


I am glad you don't mind me bending your ear, or down right bending your whole neck at times.lol Hugs much

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