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A monster who needs his meat cut up



This afternoon when I got home from school I was soooooo hungry, so I opened the refridgerator and looked inside to see what there was to eat. I found some leftover steaks from last night so I had my stepmom heat two of them up for me. I don't know if it was because she heated them up wrong, or because she didn't add enough salt to them, but when I took my first bite, I didn't bother chewing because I was so hungry, and I got a huge chunk of unchewed steak stuck in my throat, making it hard for me to breathe and impossible to swallow anything.

So for about 30 minutes, I did everything I could to try to make it come out. Everytime I tried to drink water or rootbeer to force it down, I had to hurry and run to the bathroom and gag it all up because it never made it past the steak. Finally, I got sick of choking on it and took matters into my own hands......I stood over the toilet and shoved my finger down my throat until I gagged the meat up.....it was brutal.

Anyway, I looked in the mirror while I was brushing my teeth aftertward and I have all of these red splotches on my face from straining to gag and I look like a monster, or like a vistim of a mugging. I don't know what Im going to do about tomorrow at school......this really sucks, but it still gets worse......

My dad freaked out when he got home and found out about it and wanted to take me to the emergency room even though I already got the meat unstuck and was fine. He saw all of the splotches on my face and tried to say I was bleeding internally and he needed to get me to the hospital..lol...luckily, my stepmom told him he was being paranoid and to leave me alone.

So at dinner time me and taylor come downstairs to eat and he's standing at the breakfast island cutting my meat up for me!!!! I was sooooo humiliated, but I wasn't too shocked. Earlier I was chatting online with someone and I told him that my dad would try to cut up my meat for me from now on...lol.......so now I just have to wait for him to calm down about this and let me cut my own meat up



:) Nick


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ROFLMAO, just to make you feel better, my stepson still has us cut his steak for him. Of course it is because he is lazy, and well, I'm a pushover, but hey, he is 17.


:king: Snow Dog

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Aww Nick, sorry to hear about your choking incident. I know how awful it feels when you can't swallow.


When I was a senior in high school I uh,,,drank too much too often. Anyway apparently due to the drinking I developed a mild case of "esophagitis" which basically meant that my esophagus was really irritated, and damaged, and I couldn't swallow very well. It was awful, it got to the point that everytime I drank at all I couldn't swallow ANYTHING the next day (even ice cream wouldn't go down, I had to wait for it to melt), and it would be bad for several days. I really shouldn't have been surprised since I'd been suffering from heartburn since I was about 10, and since gastric trouble is on both sides of my family. Anyway it all worked out, my anatomy teacher told this story one time about someone she knew who messed himself up so badly that he had to have a feeding tube. So anyway I didn't drink at all for like 7 or 8 months, didn't get drunk for like 2 years, and haven't drank regularly or heavily since, also I started eating a better diet, and now I never have any trouble swallowing OR get heartburn anymore :2thumbs:


LOL sorry I went off on my own little tangent there. Anyway point is, it's scary and sucky when food won't go down, I'm glad you're ok now. And don't worry about the splotches, I bet by tomorrow they'll be alot less visable, and after a few days hardly noticable at all....and at least you'll have a story to tell. Also I think it's kinda nice of your dad to be so concerned and cut up your meat. Heck that's nice even if you hadn't had an accident!


Anyway take care, Dude! And I hope you have an awesome day/weekend! :D


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I am glad you are okay!!! :2thumbs:


It is never fun to have that happen. I wish there would have been another way to get it out of you throat.


I hope you were able to eat alright last night and feel okay today.



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