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i love my husband... sometimes?!



Okay so I just got home from this pititful excuse of a way to spend my Monday night. I had a Good Scout Leader meeting to go to, every month once a month... so it was my month to bring a game, craft, or song to share with the other troop leaders so they have something new to take back and use at their troop meetings. So, I brought a game... In this game you pass a roll of toilet paper around telling each person to take as many squares as they need, of course, not telling them what for. Then once everyone has at least one square we go around the circle and each person has to tell you something about themselves for each square they took. It's a getting to know you game and you could vary it for the girls by using candy or balloons or marbles, whatever...


So we start going around the circle and two of the other women there said that they love their husbands sometimes :o so after we went around the whole circle they came to me and I hadn't taken any squares, but I was a good sport so I told them... I ALWAYS love my husband... even when he accidentally steps on my foot in the dark driveway and then calls me short... and then... when I kissed him he asked me 'what's that sound?' and I said fireworks :wub: I know, corny, but like in all the movies when the people fall in love and kiss there are fireworks. SO he says, no, no fireworks :( Then I made a pouty face at him and he laughed at me... :thumbdown:


I am almost done with the next chapter... I know I keep saying that, but I really am. The past few chapters have been very emotionally close to me, and because of that they are difficult to write. Well, no, they are easy to write, but hard to feel again. To the few I let read ahead... thanks for holding my hand through it.


So, I think I might have told you guys this before, but I can't really remember :wacko: anyway... So Davey and I thought it would be fun to send each other a box of stuff we like since we are so alike personality wise to see if we like the same foods too. Since he is all the way in Scotland and I am here in California we don't really have the same foods and stuff. So anyway, I sent him 12 pounds of junk :P Now I can tell you what I sent since he received it today :D The box contained... my favorite bottled water, Aquafina, a box of Cheez-Its, a bag of cheese popcorn, a bag of Caramel Turtle Chex Mix, a bag of Jolly Rancher Lollipops, a jar of chocolate chip, toffee cookie mix, a jar of some cheesy dip stuff for tortilla chips, 3 boxes of Good Scout cookies, a bag of mexican rice mix, and a candle that smells soooooooooo good... I think that's it. Anyway, I told him he better not eat all of it at once or DANGER!!


I did hear from Matt finally and he is alive and kicking... so that's awesome! :2thumbs:


Okay so a couple of short funny stories about working superbowl weekend...


There was this older couple that came through my line and the husband was putting their groceries into their cart since all the box boys had been sent outside to collect carts since it was so busy. So the wife looked to her husband and sais, "You're a cute box boy, I think I'll take you home." I looked at her and said, "Ma'am we don't offer that service here." :lmao: She laughed so hard and called me clever...


Okay next story... So this guy I really like cause he is so nice and funny, Steve, told me this happened to him...


He was giving change to a customer in his line and one of the dollar bills was ripped on the corner so Steve told the guy, "Let me get you a different bill." The guy replied, "Yeah cause the prostitutes don't like it when the money is ripped!" :o


Anyway, I'm told it was a good thing I missed the halftime show since I worked the whole time the game was on... But I ended up in this conversation with these two women probably like 20 years older than me and I told them that when I called Rich on my break he told me the halftime show was soooooooooo bad and they agreed right before telling me that Mick Jagger should give it up already and just retire and how he has got tobe one of the ugliest men ever... right before one of them said, "Yeah, last year was even better than this year. At least we got to see what's-her-names tit!" :ph34r:


Okay, enough of that... Hugs to all, especially Eric who I am missing like crazy :wub: and Davey :wub: in case he didn't heed my warning and pigged out on the 12 pounds of junk. Thanks Bard for the awesome reviews and you can definitely have a part when they make the story into a movie ;) A hug :hug: for Matty, and :wub::wub: for Chris who I miss too, even though Davey regularly hugs him for me :P



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I feel really behind today. i mean wow I, just got around to reading your blog. :blink:


Great stories and don't feel too bad I didn't see the Super bowl either. :huh: Then again I'm not a fan of football. :o


In fact the only competive sport I ever really wanted to get into is the NewZealand Football... er.. Rugby for us North Am folk ;) . They have a different way of playing and I found it much more intresing then the way we play Rugby. However, since I don't have them on my cable I'm SOL. :lmao:


Your welcome on the review. I don't really recall posting it anywhere though. :unsure: Oh an a warning of the wise... I'm about to come out to GA about something we talked about... so you better brace yourself. :whistle:


Well talk to you later,

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