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Just Life

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You know? I guess I should feel fortunate to have an interesting and progressive life. We had a disgruntled employee threaten to burn the plant down this week. We went on lock down. The local law enforcement visited us many times, and I actually had a pistol in my cradenza. So yeah, life goes on. Ok, so far.


My funny this week was my homophobic supervisor that shares my office space. We have a door between us, but normally, it remains open. He hates gays although, I think I've said it before, he had a brother die of AIDS ten years ago, but refusing to acknowledge the fact. As far as he's concerned, it was pneumonia death at 38. I let him live in his fantasy world and live with himself because he basically disowned the brother. By the way, he is not my supervisor. I'm a supervisor also. Thankfully.


NOw my funny for today. I watched Free Fall on Netflix at work today. For those of you that have not seen this movie, I't great. It's not exactly happily ever after, but it lets you think so. It's a gay movie. So, that being said, he walked in right before we got off today and asked, "What have you been doing?". I replied. "Actually, I watched a great movie on Netflix called Free Fall."


He replied. "I saw that. I loved it."


He's such a liar and I wanted to tell him, but I think at a later date when he runs his trap about gays I'll ask him about watching a gay movie. Am I mean? Nah, just mischievious.


The only other thing I have to report is crazy. Hubby was out of town for a few days so I had to take care of the dogs. Jack Russell, Border Collie, Blue Heeler, and a Siberian Husky. Well of course, the Border Collie got loose which made the Siberian Husky jump the fence of his pen. The Blue Heeler immediately tried to intervene. The Border Collie and Husky started fighting and the Heeler joined. My little house dog which is part Jack Russell, part Chihuahua was barking from the deck. I ran for the water hose, turned it on and I popped the pvc pipe that the hose was attached to. It was a geyser and I was getting soaked. I started trying to stop the water and noticed the fighting had stopped. The damn dogs were sitting side by side watching me get soaked and trying to stop the damn spray since I didn't know how to cut the main valve off. I wanted to shoot them. The all sat docilely while I put their leash on and took them to their area. My house dog just looked at me like I was crazy.


Hubby got home the next day and was impressed that I had capped it off. "nope" I'd called my brother thirty five miles away and he'd came down at nine o'clock at night and fixed it for me. I love my brother. LOL


So, as you can see, I'm still me.

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Your supervisor is a dick ! Idiot ! Makes me mad !
I'm not a dog person, never heard of a blue heeler - is it blue :huh: Must look it up..

Glad your hubby is home soon, in the meantime don't shoot the dogs


I'm glad you're still you, Joann. Don't change :lol:

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If dogs could talk..... your pups would write a tell-all and bet it would be a best seller!! LOL :P

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