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The Next Projects...

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Johnathan Colourfield


So after a pretty disastrous September, October has started out really well!


Launched our own company, with which we have three projects under our radar which I thought i'd blog about ^_^


PROJECT ONE: The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, July 2016.


I'm casting for a new 50 minute version of the above novel with a multiroling cast. It's going to be great fun and a wonderful production. I'm in the directors chair for this one and it's partially devised, so it will be nice getting back into my roots again.


PROJECT TWO: Diary Entry Number Fifty Two, Jan 2016.


This is an experimental project i'll be doing with a local arts gallery. We are going to gather diary entries from the distant past, the past, the present and the potential future. 52 to be exact. Then assign them to a card in a pack of cards.


Then this is our open rehearsal process. We pick four cards. We make a show. We have 4 afternoons to do it in, and we perform on the fifth Sunday in January. It's going to be great fun. I'm in the performer seat this time, with two other performers. It's going to be great to experiment again.


PROJECT THREE: The Final Letter by S. Jordan, August 2016.


This is a new play that i'm working on as a performer/assistant director about suicide and suicide prevention. We are developing it as a promenade performance around a house/building and hope to put it on the next 12 months. It's nice to be back on the performer's side in a project again.


So three experiences and three opportunities to revisit my different skills as a director, collaborator and performer.


I love my work sometimes :D

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That's an awesome opportunity and it's awesome that you enjoy and are passionate about what you do! :D

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Wow! Sure looks like you've landed on your feet after the nastiness of that previous company. :)

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If I didn't already have plans for Summer 2016, I'd be buying tickets... first the plane tickets to the UK and the tickets for these plays ;)

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