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Writing Prompts #536 & #537

Renee Stevens


Happy Friday, Y'all!!!!! Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! To help start your weekend off right, it's time for some new prompts. Hopefully one of these great prompts will inspire you, and don't forget to share your responses (at least a link) so that they can possibly be featured next week. Also, as always, remember that prompt responses under 1K have to be posted as part of a collection.

Prompt 536 – Creative
Tag – List of Words
Use the following in a story – a sword, a new car, a museum, an eagle, and a burrito.

Prompt 537 – Creative
Tag – A Spider
A lab in New York City had been cross breeding spiders trying to create a stronger type of silk. However, their cross breeding has created some strange side affects. The problem is two of the spiders have escaped the confinement of the lab. What happens next?


Prompt Responses from Prompt #534 - First Line: “And who are you supposed to be?"



Twilight's Last Gleaming - jamessavik


“And who are you supposed to be?"


"I'm Gorman from Global Analysis" He handed the officious man an identity card.


The bureaucrat read the card as if it might say 'enemy agent, detain on sight', and then returned the credentials'.


"Please come in Mr. Gorman. The committee is waiting. Are you an analyst for GA?"


Gorman took off his gloves revealing a dagger tattoo on one hand an ace of diamonds on the other. He said, "No sir. I'm the owner." He cocked his head in the direction of the door indicating to the bureaucrat to lead him inside.



MetaSplash - JohnAR


“And who are you supposed to be?” Rory teased shouting up the precipice.


“Moby Dick?” Will giggled.


More laughter.


“Let’s get away from the lake before he drowns us emptying the lake,” another voice suggested jokingly.


Warren tried to ignore them.



Hunter's Prompt Responses - Hunter Thomson


"And who are you supposed to be?" I called out.


I stepped out onto the back porch of my ranch, only to see movement coming from the fields. I wasn't surprised. It was almost harvest season, and movement meant either more scavengers, or more thieves. Either way, I wasn't happy to deal with them.


I was less happy when it was people who popped into view. the couple, at least I assumed they were a couple the way they were dragging each other along, appeared at the edge of my corn field without any warning.


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When is the next Anthology please?

I'm after something I can get my teeth into and don't really fancy any of the prompts.

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Dang! Sasha has his prompt up already! I can't read it until I finish mine! Too much chance of him influencing mine!

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