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The Done List

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Dayne Mora


The Done List

  • The latest attempt at hacking my own mind,
    • A journal,
      • Covered in coffee stains
        • (Okay, the first spill was my own fault, but the cat did the rest),

        [*]Chronicling my daily accomplishments.

      [*]A list

      • Of everything I've done that day
        • Otherwise, I wouldn't get out of bed.

      [*]A nod

      • to my psychiatrist
        • (You need to listen to your inner child; be your own mommy.),

        [*]to my psychologist

        • (Don't should all over yourself),

        [*]to my physiotherapist

        • (You have to be consistent.),

        [*]to my husband

        • (Did you write today, babe?).

    [*]I trick myself into feeling more accomplished than I really am.

    • With doing things just so I can write them down,
    • With itemized entries,
    • With words that make my small act appear to be more.

    [*]And so, I write

    • Today I
      • Woke up before noon,
      • Had something other than coffee for breakfast,
      • Took all my meds,
      • Put on real clothes (and wore them all day),
      • Left the house,
      • Did this one stretch,
      • Cleaned something,
      • Cleaned something else,
      • Finished something I started,
      • Started something new,
      • Wrote some words on paper,
      • Felt compelled to something productive,
      • Dreamt about being something more,
      • Got lost in all the things I'm still not accomplishing,
      • Made promises to try tomorrow.

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I recognise this list. Not all of it - but enough ... Particularly the cleaning or indeed any housework. ;)

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You may find you have a rhythm, and a personal quota. Work with it, improve it, revel in it. There is no substitute for doing stuff.


I would suggest one bit, though. Make a list of all you have to do, and each day, cross something off that list. You'll always be adding to that list, but if you always try to take something off, it evens out. If you're super-industrious, you may finish it all for a while. If that happens, turn up the tunes and dance around nekkid.

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I've thought since the first time I've read this that you've written an innovative poem here. 


There's the old cliche about some actor being able to read the telephone book (...a what...? google it, kids...) and make it compelling. Here you've taken a list and imbued it with deep connection for the reader. We all have these feelings, and you expressed the general unease we have about not doing/being 'enough' to perfection.


I love this poem. Please post more for us.      

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