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Utterly Disgusted Right Now



So over 40 million people decided to hand over control of the country to a racist, homophobic, sexist xenophobe who starred on a realty show.


I fucking blame the DNC for failing to connect Hilary with the voters.


Just disgusted. Completely and totally disgusted. I think I'm done with caring about politics. May God help us through these next four years. Or actually, may god help Trump when the working class straight white males who voted for him realize that he isn't actually going to bring back manufacturing jobs.

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I'm more embarrassed than anything else.  If people are dumb enough to vote this racist, xenophobic, misogynistic cow into office, then they deserve what's coming to them.  

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For the past six months I've been shocked he got as far as he did, never really thinking he could possibly be the next president of the United States. So yeah, my mouth was gaping open all night last night. Still can't believe it.


I heard that half the people who said they were going to vote never voted.

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