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Reviews Of Special Anthology Stories

Caz Pedroso


*Please note all my reviews have been cross posted to the relevant stories as well*


Bill's Christmas Gift - comicfan


This made me smile and cry at the same time.


It was in part a wonderful story of how Bill finds he has more friends and family than he thought he had.


The other part that made it sad for me was not only was the love of his life dead, but Jonny didn't get the chance to meet his nephew and the other members of his family that still cared.


A wonderfully written piece, from one of my favourite authors.


Boxed In: A Christmas Story - Headstall


Loved it!


Clint was actually very sweet in his own way, even when he wasn't talking.


Daddy Issues - Sasha Distan


An interesting take on the Egyptian Gods.


Faeries Anonymous - Valkyrie


I want more!


I loved it, but I wanted to know more about all the characters. I think Val's got the beginning of a great series here.


Family Matters - Sasha Distan


Nice short story.


I liked the way it jumped between the past and the present.


Although Jamie and Blaine are going to find their love life seriously dented once there's a baby around.


Finding Refuge - Headstall


A sweet story.


I wanted to get hold of the father and Cletus.


The father to give him a taste of the 'medicine' he gave his son.


And Cletus to shake some sense into him. He should have realized what he had before it was too late.


Maelstrom - Valkyrie


This story was thought provoking.


My first reaction to Val's question was NO! Once a drunk abuser, always a drunk abuser.


BUT! That was a knee jerk reaction and I decided to sleep on it.


I thought about people I knew where something had happened to chance their attitudes/behavior. I thought about myself and how my attitude/behaviour had changed over the years depending on what happened to me.


So, do I think people can change? YES! But, I would wary of someone who has a violent past.


Stepping Through the Mirror - Headstall


invisible and forgotten. I wanted to shake Blake's parents. They remembered he had this 'art thing' but the other siblings were more important. No chld is more important than another.


I felt for Blake's trust issues when Ryan tried flirting with him.


And lastly I cheered when they left together for their happy ever after.


The Legend of Treehaven Woods - Valkyrie


I liked this one but I wanted more.


I wanted to know more about the legends surrounding the woods. I wanted to know more about the community.


And I definitely wanted to see more of the blooming romance between Matthew and Kater.


Trade Deals - Sasha Distan


I like how Anubis told the rude person to walk and took the others on the barge.


I also liked how Set had to beg for help from the one God he seemed to really hate.


I think the ending was my favourite bit though. Anubis seemed to have grown up and fallen in love. It was a sweet ending.


Voli Me Tangare - aditus


*Tissue Warning*


I can't imagine never being with the one I love, and yet being linked to his mind always.


Only having small things to remember him by. Living on the hope that one day we will be together again.


A great story, but very sad as well.


Waiter, Waiter - ME :)


All comments are gratefully received.




I loved all the stories in this anthology, all for different reasons.


I had fun participating for the first time, and have had even more fun reading and reviewing all the other entries.


My thanks go to everyone involved with this anthology and I look forward to the next one.

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