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New Year's Resolution

Hudson Bartholomew


I'm not usually one to make new year's resolutions, so I'm not sure why this year is different.


My normal reluctance is wrapped up in a slew of psychological dysfunctions where if I never set goals, then I can never fail. And if I never fail, then I'm perfect; and if I'm perfect, then people will like me. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) for me, I've always tended to excel at whatever I try my hand at, so there's rarely been a need for me to step outside my comfort zone, take a risk, and do something that's meaningful but scary.


As the final days of 2016 were coming to a close, this comfortable, relatively successful life that I've happened upon just didn't feel enough anymore. I have everything that I could reasonably want: a steady, well paying job; a great place to live in a cool, world class city; family close by; friends who are fun to hang out with... but is it enough to just live an easy life?


I've always wanted to write (I remember being a teenager and telling my mom that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up... it didn't go over well.) and my computer is full of abandoned, half written stories that I didn't have the guts to finish. Last year, I finally found the courage to see one through to the end, and posted it on another website to decent reviews. In the weeks following its posting, I discovered the thrill that comes with sharing my personal fairy tales with others; it's addicting, and now I want more.


So here's my resolution for 2017, the first new year's resolution of my life: I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a published author. There, I said it.


I know it's not an easy task to accomplish, and it will take a lot work to get there. Which is why I'm stepping out of the anonymity afforded by the Internet, and engaging with other writers and editors. I'm setting a goal. Maybe I'll fail and admit that I'm not perfect; maybe no one will like me. But at least I'll know that I tried, I took a risk and chased after a dream. Hopefully, that will be enough.


Happy New Year!


ps. there is a story in the works for GA. It's currently being edited and will hopefully be ready for posting in the new future.

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