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Weekly Wrap Up (Jan 22 - Jan 28)

Renee Stevens


I hope everyone has had a great week this past week. Just a quick reminder that you only have a little over a month left to get your April Fool's Day short stories in if you want to be a part of the contest. Make sure to read through the guidelines if you're planning to participate! Also, don't forget to join us for the CSR Discussion day of The Pledge by Mikiesboy. It's only about 10,000 words, so if you haven't already read it, you still have time! Now, lets see what you might have missed this week.


We started out our week with Aditus' wonderful review of Joined by Blood by Renee Stevens (hehe). I'm a little biased when it comes to this story, but other readers sure seemed to have enjoyed it. It's part of GA Premium, so maybe Aditus' review is the little push you were looking for to purchase a premium subscription. Check out the review, and feel free to jump into the discussion!


Myr took Tuesday over this week to discuss another new aspect of the upcoming site update. According to the post, members will be able to set their own activity streams based on their own guidelines. Want to find out more about this new feature? Check out Myr's blog post.


Wednesday was a bit of a writing tip with Cia's popular Grammar Rodeo feature. We're up to number ten and this one was all about sentence structure. If you find yourself re-reading what you wrote and thinking something sounds off, then maybe this is the perfect post for you.


We ended the week with a new set of weekly prompts for you to try your hand at. There were a lot of responses to the previous weeks prompts and so there are a lot of snippets that you can look over. Maybe you'll find one that will lead you to a new favorite author.




  • 2017 April Fool's Day Short Story Contest - Due March 1st, 2017 *Guidelines*

Anthology Announcements:


***NOTE: All Deadlines are for submission to the Anthology Proof Team

  • 2017 Spring Anthology: Jagged Edges / Unintended Consequences - Due April 30th, 2017
  • 2017 Fall Anthology: The Fall Out / Secret Spaces - Due November 15th, 2017


Premium Updates:
Negative Splits by Cia *Premium*


Signature Updates:
Black Widow by Mark Arbour; Book 16 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)
Innocence & Carnality - Part Two by Mann Ramblings; Book 2 of I & C
Mental Games by Bill W
Mine! by Cia
Temporary Dads by Graeme
The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 by Bill W; Book 11 of The Castaway Hotel
Veil of Shadow by Stellar; Book 2 of unnamed


Promising Updates:
Confide/ant by Sasha Distan
Fallen Pride by Sasha Distan; Book 7 of The Best Circle of Hell Stories
Give Me Back My Prompts by Sasha Distan; Book 4 of GA Prompts
Headstall's Reflections by Headstall
Morningstar: The Malaise by Headstall
Tiger Winter by Sasha Distan
Walls by Carlos Hazday; Book 6 of CJ

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