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C S R Discussion Day: The Pledge By Mikiesboy

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How fast the year has already seemed to go! Hopefully you found the time to enjoy Mikiesboy's story, The Pledge. Or, if you've read it already, maybe you tried one of his newer stories like "After the Past". Or, if you're a fan of his work, you've already read his work... well this is your chance to share that love with fellow readers who might be new to his work. I've asked a few questions to kick things off, but don't be shy asking Mikiesboy what you want to know too!


Have you ever gone out in public, realized your shirt is on backwards, and just don’t care?
No. I’d never do that and if I did I’d be mortified! I’m paranoid and terrified of making a mistake. I am a perfectionist, with a capital P. Though obviously I make mistakes all the time…


What’s something personal about you people might be surprised to know?
Most people know I love to cook, some know I went to cooking school, but my fav recipe is one of my Grandmother’s. It’s Sheppard’s Pie, simple, not fried and my fav comfort food. It actually won a local Sheppard’s Pie taste test!


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
If I’m not writing, I can be found reading, cooking/baking, or snuggled up with my giant of a husband watching British TV shows! There’s a full-time job in there somewhere, too!


What’s the best part of being an author?
Oh, gosh I think listening to people’s opinions, especially about how a poem made them feel. It can be so different from what I felt when I wrote it. There’s no right or wrong, and that fascinates me. The other thing is learning, trying new things, stepping out of that comfort zone to write something new.


Do you prefer to write one project at a time or do you bounce from story to story as inspiration strikes?
I sort of bounce around until I feel ready to finish something. Sometimes there are things I just don’t want to write. For example, the abuse scenes in Out of His Mind. It took me some time to get that finished. Once I’d done it, I put all else aside and finished Tait’s story. It was time.


Do you have any special tricks when you write to get you in the right frame of mind to jump into different time periods?
Tricks? No. I try to read a lot about things I’ve not experienced myself. I watch shows about them if I can and I just try to imagine myself there. People are people no matter where they are, I think. They are affected by the things around them, but they don’t really change.


The Pledge has both a medieval aspect and a paranormal one. Why did you decide to mix the themes?
Oh, people have challenged me to write about zombies and vamps. So I did in me, Zombie and now vampires in The Pledge. But I didn’t want the same old thing.


With The Pledge, I was interested in exploring in things I’d read in Anne Rice’s novels, the Vampire Chronicles series and in my research. Anne Rice talked about the origin of vampires, so I wanted mine to be old, to live through centuries. I wondered how they’d respond to changes that happened through the centuries they’d experience. I wanted to explore if they’d remain human in some ways, or if that old adage, power corrupts absolutely, would apply.


So to make them old, I looked back to Elmet, which was a real place in the north of England, where West Yorkshire is now, between the 5th and 7th centuries. Elmet was just a framework; I’m sure it was nothing like I’ve written it.


Can you sum up this story in one sentence?
One? You don’t know me too well, LOL! The Pledge is a story of power, love and life immortal through the ages. There, how’s that?


You tend to bounce around time periods, such as your recent story of After the Past which went in a completely different direction. Do you have a preferred time period to write?
My last couple of stories have been bouncy for sure. I prefer to write in modern times, it’s a bit easier to do I think. There is often less research required, but I’d look at other time periods again if I’m inspired. It’s fun to delve into the past or to try and make the future realistic.


Do you have any recent, current, or upcoming stories you think fans should read? Why would you recommend them?
I think I’d recommend Levko. It’s pulled from my own experiences when I was a rent boy. I think it worked well and seemed to be well received. After The Past as well, I’m rather proud of that one. It’s my longest story and I think the effort I put in and the effort of my editor, AC Benus, really shows in the quality.


I have two stories I’m actively writing, the first with the working title of Magic Beans should be fun and while modern, it’s not about humans.


The other I’m hoping will work out into a longer novel. It’s called Changes and it’s about Don, a very active guy, who is married to Louis and how their lives change after a terrible accident, and how they go forward together. I’m really exploring their relationship, Louis’ feelings and fears, as well as their relationships with their families.

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Recommended Comments

Nice interview!

My favorites of tim writing are James and Farris, After the past and of course his poetry.


Being a huge fan of the "Vampire Chronicles", it was very nice to read a story which relate to it in some ways.


For me it is although a story about tow characters on very different points in their life. The old one, knowing who he is, seen a lot, at last disillusioned about the future, and the young one, just starting, evolving, wanting a future. Both seem like to sides of a coin or can stand for the inner struggle, we often have to go through ourselves. (Or it is just me, feeling so.)

My question: It looks like William overpowers Tristan in the end, but Tris influence on him, seems to me nevertheless visible in the story.

Was there ever an alternative ending possible or did you knew from the start where it would lead?


Love  xo Lyssa

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      Who do you like best: Tom, Jerry, or Huckleberry Hound?
      Huckleberry Hound, without a doubt. I loved his ‘voice’ and with him we also got Yogi and Boo Boo, Pixie and Dixie, and Mr. Jinx. Even back then, as a kid, I loved that these cartoons were presented as fleshed out stories.
      If you had 30 minutes of free time, what would you do?
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      If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?
      Ironically, “Treading Water” would fit nicely, but so would “The Long and Winding Road.”
      Is there a literary character (in the whole universe of fiction) that you’ve read who you really identified with?
      One character? No. But there are many characters I’ve related to because I see bits of me in them or their experiences. A number of my own characters have traits of mine, but I don’t think I’d ever want to see all of myself in one character, or my entire life in a story. That would be a hard read to get through.
      Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
      That’s a good question. I could be flippant and say time and typing, because those are real challenges for me. The world’s worst typist here, but I’m getting better, and that helps with the time factor. It used to be such tough slogging at the beginning… tedious and frustrating. The first time I used a word processor (Wordpad) was the day I wrote my first ever chapter for “Cards on the Table.” Anyway, I guess my more appropriate answer is that nothing stands out in particular. I love the overall challenge of writing. It’s hard work, but is so rewarding when people respond to it.
      On a personal level, I thrive on the challenge I give myself to improve. There are so many ways to say the same thing, with only the slightest nuanced differences, and I want to get to the point where I feel I mostly choose the best option… the one that most fits the voice, or paragraph, or the sentences and content around it. Actually, maybe my biggest challenge is keeping it short. J
      What’s the best part of being an author?
      Of course, the response and feedback from readers. But for me personally, I have always been creative. My original outlet was art, and I was one of a small group picked for an experimental five-year scholastic art program at the beginning of high school. Life got in the way, and my creative side took a back seat for a long time. There was an empty space where it used to be, and writing… being an author… has filled that back up. It makes me feel blessed.
      Did the scene relating to the title, or the actual title, come to you first?
      I don’t know why, but the titles have always come to me first, for every story. I should say though, I hear voices. J The story percolates in my head to some degree, and even lines of dialogue pop out of nowhere, but before I write anything I have the title.
      There’s a lot of general contractor re-design elements in Treading Water. Did that come from life experience or research?
      Life experience. I have completely rebuilt two houses all by myself, including large additions, and I have the same designer gene Craig has.
      Do you have a favorite scene of the story?
      Yikes. Toughest question of all. I loved the garage scene because it set the tone, and I loved the pond scene for the emotion and tension of it, and then there’s the diner scene and the freedom of it, but for some reason, the scene when Jared wakes up thinking he’s alone, and runs down the stairs in a panic is one that has always resonated with me. I think it’s the vulnerability he shows that makes it stand out to this day. That was only one, right? J
      Do you have any sneak peeks or future stories you can share with readers?
      Crap. My head is so full. I’ve had a lot of requests for Jeremy’s (from CotT) story, and it’s all pretty much written in my head (probably not at all what people are expecting). And then there’s the one about two horse trainers. Yes, I have its title already, but I can’t tell you. There’s also one about a man struggling to hold onto his farm, and another about a man who might or might not be swept downriver in an early spring storm. The most ambitious one floating around in my head takes place on another planet, but after “Morningstar,” it might be too much to take on. Did I mention the vampire with a difference? Yeah, he’s in there too. I also have a story for the ‘Blindsided’ anthology. My main goal though, is to get back to “Cards” and bring it to its close after I finish up “Morningstar.” That’s it… a partial look inside a very crowded head. Cheers.
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      What's your favorite room in your house? Do you plot or write there?
      I don’t really have a favorite room, unless you count the bedroom since sleeping is very nice. My stories are usually plotted in various places, where inspiration strikes. I tend to ‘see’ scenes in my head, ‘hear’ a string of words that turn into key moments in a story. So plotting is done in bed, in the shower, on my bike on my way to work, running in the park… Writing is done on my couch (or, if I have a really slow day, at work, but don’t tell my boss…)
      What brought you to GayAuthors?
      I was reading stories on Literotica and the story I was tracking had ceased to update. As I recall, it was TimothyM I was stalking at that time. LOL I googled and ended up here. The site with the community feel was appealing so I started reading here instead, even if it took about a year for me to actually become a member and stop lurking. The stories here are better (although I sometimes go back for a little naughty naughty…) and I like the possibility to interact with authors and other members.
      Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
      I’d say being non-native speaking and trying to write in a foreign language is hard. I can end up writing things that sound perfectly normal to me, but in reality isn’t English. For the most part, I aim to keep things simple without being simplistic.
      As for the stories themselves, I try to be imaginative and true to the characters. That said, I write for fun and have stayed away from heavier subjects. So reaching a depth to my writing, where you feel it in your heart, is a challenge. Maybe I’ll dare to try it eventually.
      Is your writing process a daily word count goal or more of a burst of inspiration writing flurry?
      When I start a story, I’m more dependent on inspiration. As soon as I’ve gotten to know my characters, the story tends to write itself. If I feel sluggish or uninspired, I can still jot down a scene or two and keep momentum. Maybe it’s due to my profession (lawyer) that I’ve learned that waiting for inspiration to write can make you miss deadlines. Just get the job done!
      What do you think is the most important thing to include in a story? How did that come into play with Thaw?
      I need to get to know the characters before I can get a proper feel for the story. This can take time, like when I wrote Lupercalia and didn’t get to know my MC until I was reaching the end. With Thaw, both Joel and Lucas were there from the start, Joel more so than Lucas. So I never had to think very much about how they would react to the events that transpired. The story just unfolded in a strange but amazing sort of way. I got a lot of input from reviews and that influenced the story, but not really the characters.
      How did you come up with the idea of the town having to move in Thaw?
      Since the setting turned out to be the end of the world, leading me to Kiruna which is actually moving in real life, that came by itself.
      Exactly how much fun was it to write your first cliffhanger?
      So much fun! It was a giddy sort of feeling, but at the same time I felt a bit mean to my readers. Still, I figured they could handle it.
      You include a few ‘iconic’ cold-weather hobbies in the story, like hockey and snowmobiling. Do you enjoy those too or just included them for the characters’ enjoyment?
      I love the snow when it’s -15 and the sun is out. Here in Stockholm, that’s rarely the case. Snowmobiling is so much fun and I figured the guys would do that for fun. It’s a big thing in the north of Sweden. Hockey isn’t my favorite sport, but also the logical choice for a big guy from Kiruna.
      The story focuses on a few different aspects of the law, with one main character a lawyer and the other a cop. Was this based on personal experience making it easier to write, or was it developed as part of the plot with research?
      Thaw was born during late night chat sessions with JohnAR and the idea of a character being a hockey playing giant cop emerged from just a few quick exchanges. Since our cop deserved a love interest, we joked around about someone different but who was able to connect. The love interest also needed to have a reason to show up in Kiruna, and that’s where my profession turned out handy. Lawyers do get their hands on a lot of information, sometimes sensitive and that could get dangerous. Since I know the business, I didn’t have to do much research.
      Anything new you want to share with us?
      I’m writing an entry for the fall anthology and there’s also a story brewing. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by summer and other stories that sort of demanded my attention, but I hope to have something new for you all in the not too distant future.

      ​Okay, guys! Time to share your thoughts (Look how much she enjoyed that cliffhanger!

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