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Two Poems

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Becoming Poets


You and I, we have a strong bond
Like brothers, like lovers;
We disgust the world with our vain perversions,

our inane attachment with the word and the seas of heresy

part at our command revealing the shells of untruths hiding

beneath the silt of social justice.
Ecstasy beyond judgement is what we share

in the binding fallacy of corporeal pain

battling to win over the spirit.
Our ascension begins at the alter of ego.
Broken down pieces of the mirror of self-hate, we tread

upon our steps to immortality. Morality, ethics, civility, higher power

are all suspended in space as dwindling starlights, reaching us

from the outer edges of cosmos.

You and I, we have a strong bond.

Like brothers, like lovers;

We step over millions of corpses to reach the quintessential truth, the poesy of nature.






When I see you talking to others I think of it as betrayal
When I see you smiling with others I question if you are loyal
When I see you moving on with life going roundabout your business
I feel I have been left out from it all in order to hide your menace

I know the wheels are turning
I know the fires are burning out
Emotions are condensing in big chunks of ice
And soon it won't suffice to tell you that I love you,
that the earth only blooms for you,
that my breath begins & ends with you

And soon you will leave me for the others who make you smile, who kiss
you behind my back, smell your hair, bend you over to the road of infidelity
And it drives me mad, mad like a ragging bull,
Like a substance user craving his previous high
I can't stand them making you smile

One of these days I will tell them of your lies



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Recommended Comments

Hi, two very emotional poems. I totally get the second one. I guess even if we don`t like to admit it, we all felt this kind of emotions from time to time. I hope for you, that this won`t hold you to long and that you feel better soon. Consider, it is always our decision, which thoughts we allow to be in our head. ;-) Hugs Lyssa

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Even without reading the title of the first poem, I thought that it embodied the act of (no, the art of) creating poetry. A poem about writing poems, the place those poems have within society and across the universe, and how poets can exploit emotions, both and good and bad, from the inner core of themselves and also of their surroundings - this is a riveting theme. You're right that to a poet (and writers of other forms) words are indeed like brothers, like lovers. We scheme together with them. We manipulate meanings and form the words into the messages we want to portray, and they, in turn, satiate us (at least, that is the case for me...)


'Paranoia' expresses real and honest emotion, and I felt it deeply as I read it. Too many of us have experienced betrayal, loss, jealousy, frustration, anger. The things that make us crazy, the things that make us want to do harm. Finding another point to focus on in those situations can begin the healing - usually. Hope that's been the case for you.

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