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Welcome To Green's Party Where You Will Find?



I had a great time last night. We all did. We had so many people here. Selene made an a&$ of herself when she got drunk and sang a really bad rendition of I will survive. David and Steve couldn't keep their hands off each other all night. My brother the Liar seems to have found himself a boyfriend. They were dancing in a corner. Some girl tried to kiss me then offered me something I really had to say no to. :blink: She called me a prude.


Chaz's older brother brought enough alcohol to drunkefy everyone in the tri-state area. Good thing he decided to bring his bartender buddy to help him serve the drinks. He flirted with me. :wub: Chaz didn't like that. Our neighbors down the street showed up and partied. I was really surprised that my neighbors next door didn't call the police.


My ex and my high school crush showed up and brung a girl I knew from high school. She and I chatted for a few minutes. Apparent she knew my crush used to like me back then and tried to get him to ask me out. I blushed.


Julio showed up at some point. Chaz wasn't too happy but when the guy Julio was dating showed up he seemed to calm down. I need to speak to him about that LOL. :thumbdown: David's sister also showed up and she brought her boyfriend who I know from my job.


Mike showed up and he seemed to generally stay to the wall. Until I introduced him to this person I know. Then he disappeared. more on this later.


As the night progressed my loving boyfriend Chaz got drunk. I mean stripping and dancing on a table next to a drunken and apparently horny Selene drunk. I had to pull him off the table before he took his pants off, much to a lot of people dismay. I made sure he was cut off at this point. To bed with you I said and he did go to bed but not before he made me go with him. "He didn't trust the other boys with his Green." I let him fall asleep before I rejoined the party.


Julio and I had a very good conversation about his move and his current guy. I really feel like he and I can be good friends. I know we didn't work as boyfriends but we work as friends. the guy he's dating seems really nice. At first he was nervous about me but when he saw us just talking as friends he warmed up to me.


I stopped Steve and David from making out for a second so I could introduce them to Julio and his new boyfriend. They talked for a bit so I could pull Selene of my table before she either broke it or fell off. I sat her down and made her drink some coffee. her boyfriend took over a few minutes later.


As the night wound down and everyone started to leave it occurs to me that I am missing a person. Mike is not there, and I don't know where he is. So I looked around until I found him sitting with the person I knew having a conversation on our porch. I walked over to them and sat next to them.


I talked to them for a bit. Then I felt like I was interrupting something so I left them alone. When I walked back inside Chaz was up again. I walked over to him and I gave him a huge hug. Then the phone rang. I walked over to it and it's Rob he calls me crying saying that he feels like he wronged me. i was like well yeah and I hung up.


By the end of the night there was only a drunken David, Steve who was making all of us eat, Chaz and me. We sat down and talked for a couple of hours. Steve and I got into a friendly debate over drugs. Well Marijuana in general. He thinks it should be legalized. his theory is that if it was legalized their would be less crime. My theory is that if it didn't exist there would be less crime. Then he dropped the medicinal card on me. Then he asked how I can condemn something I haven't tried. I told him because I have lost friends that started with weed and moved on to other drugs. I think that it is a gateway drug and I wouldn't want any of my friends to do the same thing a certain friend had done. So I asked him if he does it. He said that he had but it wasn't his thing.


At some time we all wandered to bed. The next morning I woke up next to Chaz and a very stinky mouthed Selene. She smelled like a drunken sailor. I also smelled breakfast. I wandered into the kitchen to find that Steve had once again made us breakfast.


No one else was up yet so we sat and talked for a few. He told me that he respected my views on certain things. Then we talked about him. I guess he really hated me in high school because he thought that I was a big snob. I told him I hated him because he was always better at stuff than me. He told me that he wasn't, the teachers just liked him better because he was a butt-kisser. We laughed about that.


We also talked about what happened after high school. He said that when he went to college things just fell apart because the teaching style was different. He didn't have the personal environment he had in high school and he was doing really bad in all of his classes. Ultimately he had lost his scholarships and he left school. I told him how I took a couple of years off and now I was making it up. He said that he wants to go back.


Then we talked about David and him. He said that David makes him happy. I told him that he does the same for David. Unlike Rob who just complicated things until they ended up fighting. I really like Steve. He's perfect for David.


After we ate he helped me clean up. We were almost done when I see a foot sticking out behind my couch. I walk behind it and it's the Liar. I just left him there he looked peaceful sleeping right there on the floor next to his boyfriend.




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Thanks for sharing your party with us dude, I wish we could have been there. Next time leave the computer on. :2thumbs:


It seemed to go well... although I am slightly bothered that Chaz gets a bit too jelous when he drunk... I guess that's becasue you sir are a wanted man. :lmao:


Chaz though dude, don't worry about it. Guys might try to grop him, but clearly he has only eyes for you dude. :2thumbs:


Bye for now.

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I'm not as bad as my boyfriend would like to portray me. I get jealous yeah, I trust Green but I don't trust other people. Green is so nice that some times people cling on him. I know this because I am one of those clingy people :wub: . Selene told me this. Alrigth I get carried away but that's mostly when Julio is around. We don't particularly like each other. Julio was my competition and he gave up Green, so I dont see why they need to be such close friends. If I was Green I'd be really pissed off at Julio for dumping me without a real explanation.


Well anywhoo about the bartender I was joking about that. I've known him for a long time and he's harmless. Plus he's really into my older brother who seems oblivious to it all. :blink: Now Mike is another story. No nothing happened with him and that guy Green knows. :whistle: They just talked about a lot of stuff. Mike seems to like him.


Oh and Green will never ever let Selene sleep with us again. Her breath woke me up. She smelled like a dead cat crawled in her throat and died with a rat in it's mouth. Dude the girl killed the plant next to our bed. :lmao:




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Green and Chaz,


Well, I am glad to see that it was a cool party. Everyone seemed to have fun..way cool.


Now, Chaz, although you know you have nothing to worry about concerning Green, I do believe you have a valid point. Its not that you worry about Green ever..he is true blue (pardon the pun) and loving and loyal to you...However, I do believe you have a point.....Green being the extra nice and down to earth, will talk to any one, finds himself stuck in "interesting" situations..not of his making..its just that he is so nice (and obviously hot) that others try to get into his pants (forgive the bluntness) Classic to me was the "swingers" story..where the swingers tried to get him to swing...now, we know Green told them to go swing on a swing and get lost..but it leaves him exposed (again, pardon the pun) and vulnerable.


Green, since Chaz has worries and concerns over Julio, I hope that you engage in communications (an odd deficiency from you but still one...odd, since you are a great writer, who writes well) and since Chaz has worries (and to be honest, I don't think that is unreasonable....you may be over Julio but you don't know really where Julio is or thinking) and since you and Chaz are in the early part of your relationship, give some slack to Chaz and be the considerate Green you are....hey, maybe its just fine for now to let Julio go on his way and solidify his relationship with his BF, who probably has the same concerns that Chaz does. I know I would if I were Chaz and Julio's BF..I don't think that Green would ever do anything ever..but hey why not concentrate on Green and Chaz for now.....you both have been through so much...to me, it makes sense...and if the friendship with Julio is there, it will be there in due time..this way Julio's BF feels better and Chaz feels better and both couples work on their respective relationships....just common sense to me.


I am glad to see that Mike is going slow and getting to know someone first...just talking to another Gay Guy that he didn't know (i.e. not Chaz, not Green, not David and not Steve, Chaz and Mike's older brother, etc.) is a big step....and Mike is to be applauded..to me, its a huge step...gives him courage and helps him come out of his own stuff (again, pardon the pun) and since he is now Out..allows him to develop social skills and start to figure out whom he wants to be friends with, whom he doesn't, whom he may have an interest in or not...all good steps..


For Steve, I hope he goes back to school..maybe start at community college..I am with him (I went to a college in which my major had less the 400 students..so we all got to know each other and our professors well and our class size was small....) and when I went into big lecture classes I did poorly.....it also sounds like Steve maybe could be a chef or go into hotel/motel management stuff...he seems to be an excellent organizer and a calm guy..and its cute and sweet that he and David can't stop kissing.....I love kissing.....yummy delicious.


Glad to see Selene (even if she has horrible morning breath) is back with her boys:) Just remember Selene, just as Mamma Selene makes sure her relationship with her BF is her relationship..the same applies to your Green and your Chaz.....and next time make sure there is Listerine nearby...hee hee...


and well, Green and Chaz, glad to see Green's half bro came to the party and now has a BF...maybe it is the start of his growth and hopefully he is in therapy too....


I hope Mike also gets the therapy he needs...and help in the coming out process and he goes at his own pace.....its all a bit overwhelming at times..so slow and steady and at a pace that helps him develop, grow, shed the pain and replace it with love and acceptance, will be most important so that his lifetime gets solid underpinnings.


Well, glad to see all is well and all are well...and happy and safe Spring Break wished for all:)


I look forward to hearing about fun drama free Spring Breaks...hee hee:)


Peace and Love and Good Karma and Huggles sent to all:)



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Thanks, I'm not to worried about Chaz and I cant help it if people want to be my friend LOL. I wouldn't say that I am hot. Chaz is hot, wait maybe I should be jealous. He gets his fare share of people hitting on him. I have to beat the guys and gals off of him with a stick. Poor girls they never had a chance.


Um about Julio, he and I will never and I repeat never be together again CHAZ! Lol he and I are just good friends these days. His new bf is better as a boyfriend to him than I can ever be. So Chaz needs to stop worrying about that. I don't cheat. I will never cheat and I have never cheated.


Selene is never drinking in my house again. God I felt bad for her boyfriend. He has to kiss her LOL :lmao: . The Liar and whoever his boy is need to get their stuff together. They were fighting all morning over a lie, You can imagine what I thought when I heard this :whistle: I think I can make out the lies from the truth's now.


Mike and the person I know are actually hanging out right now. I introduced them because they are both just coming out. I figured they had more in common and they could help each other better than the rest of us could.


Steve and I may not see eye to eye but I think we can be really good friends. I like that he can call my bull and I can call his. HE BETTER NOT CROSS THAT GREEN LINE OR I WILL, I mean good times good times. LOL.


Alright I am a little tipsy as I write this. I am not a role model, damn the kids are reading.


GREEN at the bottom of a bottle.

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Green and Chaz...


first of all Green..you are hot...its just not looks, its a wonderful loving heart, good soul...smart as all get out..a great friend and a romantic sexy guy..all that adds up to H-O-T !!!!


Just think of some role reversal here Green.....if Chaz's ex decided that he just wanted to be friends and hang and chill...Chaz knows you are loyal and true blue....but cut him some slack....and would it be so horrible to work on more communicatons and more time with him....that's all I am saying....your relationship is new and don't forget communication.....Chaz is communicating from his heart....that's all he is saying....so kiss lots and spend the time together..it will (like milk does a body good) it will do you both good:)


Pity the poor guy who is with the Liar and if the Liar is up to his old gaymes.....but sounds like the guy calls him on his stuff and hopefully the Liar will learn......let's hope or else he is going to be an alone very Lonely Liar


I knew we all could count on you Green to introduce Mike to another guy in a similar coming out situation/stage...this means they have lots of common issues and can count on each other and all of you:) and who knows, they may want to be more then friends but take their time about it.....its all good:)


I like Steve, he appears to me to be very solid and honest and down to earth and I am sure he feels the same way about you guys:)


Yes, I sure do pity Selene's BF.....hair of the dog breath after a night of partying...yucko......


Well, I hope you and Chaz have a safe trip and a fun one t NYC and David does too if he is going to see his family...


sounds like the bartender has it bad for Chaz and Mike's older bro......maybe you need to have Selene bitch slap their bro..tell him to snap out of it.....put those two boys together and tell them to be together and kiss and make hot and nice and be done with it and begin as BFs...you do have to hand it to Selene...there she calls it like it is and gets her men to do the right thing:)


Don't forget the water, vitamin Cs and tylenol Green.....I hope you have no hangover...and Steve is still there to cook you something to feel better:)



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