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July CSR Feature: I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside by Ivor Slipper

Well, we made it halfway through 2020. Kicking and screaming, fighting the world, or maybe just resigned to the reality that is facing us. Honestly, I really liked the title of this story, which is what initially caught my eye. "How true!" I thought. "But can it be that lighthearted of a tale?"  Then I wanted to know more. How about you? So while you're facing whatever your reality is, how about escaping into this story instead....

I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

by @Ivor Slipper


Length: 54,627

Description: England in the mid 1960s.

Chris Atkins suffering an unhappy home life, decides that as soon as he is 15 and entitled to leave school, he will also leave home.

A Reader said: I can heartily recommend Ivor's story for its' character interaction and development and a storyline that deals with whatever good can come from being broken.  ~ Bard Simpson


Don't forget to come back to comment on the discussion day on Monday, July 27th. 

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This is a fantastic story from Ivor that I highly recommend. 

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I don't think I've read this one, but I enjoy Ivor's writing, so I will try to check this out within the time frame. :) 

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This is another fun read from Ivor. Just one of his many tales I would recommend! :)


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One thing about Ivor's stories is the wonderful feel he has for the period he sets them in, primarily due to the fact he's lived through it and fills the scene with resilient characters who often surprise us.  The occasional Britishism is no deterrent, rather it lends authenticity to his works...his meaning is always clear to the reader, and his tales lose nothing of his special character.  
The English world is full of talented authors, and I enjoy nothing more than immersing myself in one of their worlds with a perspective often different from that of American producers.  As one fine example, try 'Love On The Rocks' by Marcus MacNally at CRVBoy, or our own authors Graeme or Palantir.

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