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  1. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 9

    Okay, so I'm not good at mysteries. My theory was that Spencer was somehow related to Bowden and the man had no clue until he saw him.... I hope we find out some answers, and that Spencer isn't in too much trouble with Kes.
  2. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Oh man....sigh. Guess my patience isn't good enough yet to snatch the pebble from the Master's hand...need more time at the Shaolin Temple rather than riding horses in the Old West. That was a reference to the training sequence from the old show Kung Fu about a Chinese monk in the Old West defending good against evildoers.
  3. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Okay, I've toasted marshmallows before, and it sure does hurt if it gets on you, and after one bite you learn not to dive right in to enjoy them. Sadyly, the only thing I miss about never having gone to camp is that I've never had a 'smore' or a Rice Krispy treat....I guess those chocolate coated marshmallow pies or bon bons are as close as I ever got, and now with the diabetes they're entirely verboten. This is all teasing, so I don't think any feelings were really hurt since these guys have all gone to camp for years as a unit.
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 28

    Well, I wanted some resolution...got it in spades, and with more complications! One free Construct coming up...and I'd love to see it going after Maynah. Despite events, I don't trust the High King or Ourubon yet, andlook for them to go after Kieran again once Maynah is dealt with. Sigh...another week to go, then who knows what awaits us at the end of that chapter? Dare I say it--the Shadow knows....
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 6

    I don't think the lack of cell phone service is tied in to who might be gay...it will frustrate everyone, especially the kids coming soon. I'd imagine there's a land-line for emergencies in such a remote area--I mean, people were talking via telephone for a century before cells and mobiles came along. :) I love the interplay between the guys already, and am pleased to see Spencer being included. Their joking reminds me of similar things in high school and during Summer breaks before college.
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Dead Ringer

    This was a fun read, Def, and you threw me into the mystery/stalker/killer idea with the first scene, and it took a while to go away. I'm glad that proved false, and it would be nice to hear more about these guys. I've only known one set of twins I played D&D with after college. They were identical blond guys though didn't often dress alike. Their parents did the name thing on them--same with just the first letter different: Harry and Larry. Nice guys I lost touch with after moving into Columbus.
  7. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 1 Hooked

    I'm not sure about Andrew, but his actions were the catalyst that allowed Anthony to make room in his world for a new vision of what his future could be...and it made him choose a familiar love of place and persons over an idealized vision of suburbia. How many suburban dreams wound up being sterile and hollow once the shine wore off? Seems Anthony's parents remind me of another couple supportive of their gay son--even helping them in working on the house of their dreams. :) And heavens--one of these guys likes hockey too--but I guess that's de rigeur for men in the frozen North? I want that cabin and river--but you can keep the fishing, unless you'll bait my hook and take the fish off like my parents had to do....
  8. I guess I'm slow, but I didn't make a connection with the other 'Fire' stories until they heard the sound while on Dean's sofa...there was a lot to like here, not the least of which is Hugh's grandmother. I'm sure there must be sites for fire-fighting programs all over the U.S., and I'd bet California has one of the largest with their climate and area to cover. I've read another story about them and an Australian fireman who does joint training with them.
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 5

    Hey, goodness knows I'm not one to preach about regular chapters since I get distracted reading, and it's not as easy for me since my vision problems, so don't fret about it. I just get into a story and hate to come to an ending whether it's permanent or temporary as it means trying to find something else to enjoy. One of my stories is based on prompts, so I keep those chapters about the length of these, while much of my other ones can be four times longer in my main story. I'm writing on the fly, so you are lucky to have it done before-hand, so don't worry about making more work for yourself now. :) It would have been easy for me to join Scouts because their meeting cabin was about a mile away on my street, just inside the village limits, and I passed it almost every day going to school. We had a big tent to camp as a family before I was a teen, and I hated it mainly because family friends went, and their boys always picked on me, and the major activity was usually fishing, which I did like, but wouldn't eat the end results. I did love hiking in woods, and miss that now that I have no one to go with. I'm eager to find out what the mystery is between Mr. Bowden and Spencer...all in due time, I guess.
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 5

    I never went to camp as a kid--that seems to be an Eastern thing for city kids...us rural boys had a ball riding bikes all Summer, climbing trees and playing at each others houses if there weren't any chores to do. Some of us were in Boy Scouts, but though I read the manual, I thought trying to get all those merit badges was more like work, so I didn't join up. Part of that was due to being very near-sighted, and the rest was just liking being outside without all the bother of spoiling it with chores rather than fun. Only complaint I could have for this is that I'd like longer chapters...but if they come out regularly like they have so far, then I'm okay.
  11. Loopy from painkillers? Hey, it's about the only legal 'high' you can get that is at doctor's orders and won't fry brain cells or livers. xoxoxoxoxo
  12. A nice wrap-up, but I hope it won't be our last adventure into the etherial realms!
  13. I'm glad I heeded the note to read aditus' story first...I'd never have put Ariel and Ayil even remotely in the group of possible matches. I hope it works out. The double date was nicely done, still having your mix of humor and romance. The only stumbling block is Italian pizza as I've only seen it on cooking shows, and it's a far cry from what I'm used to--just can't picture it without pepperoni and lots of cheese. :)
  14. Aditus just told me the German word for Whitsun Monday is Pfingstmontag ! ROFL And I thought the Danish word Pinse and the English Whitsun were silly, but Pfingsten is even funnier. You'll have to use this in your story one day.

  15. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 27

    Ah, you have a good point if you don't type fast. I learned to type back in 10th grade on a huge manual machine, then got an electric in college. Oddly, I still preferred my antique ones from the 20s-30s. Of course now I use my pc for all of that, and it's nice since I have a keyboard that still feels like a typewriter one--can't abide those that are basically flat with no tactile separation between keys. I hope extra-long next chapter means no cliffies....
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