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  1. Hmm, I'm envious. In a few lines you've summarized the point of my 57 chapter story dealing with the recovery of pains from my past...and I'm not done yet. Sigh. Mucho hugs my dear.
  2. All I can say is that this is one of the most imaginative and intriguing tales in my five decades of reading science-fiction. Once I picked up reading in first grade, the Dick and Jane books got boring and by third grade I was ordering books from Scholastic Books Services then, and the first was one called 'The Runaway Robot'. I forget the name of the author, but I was hooked on the genre from that moment on. By fifth grade I was trying my hand myself with bad short stories in longhand on notebook paper. I won't go into the alien invasion by a canine species who are tamed on first contact by being petted. Sigh, I was ten or so...gimme a break. I've gone through all the classic authors from Asimov to Heinlein and Sawyer, but Mike Arram's world has combined my love of futuristic drama with history which has always been my second major interest. Early Modern Europe wasn't my favorite era, but through this story I could appreciate the intricacies and contradictions very well, and I hope he'll do another book in this universe. Well crafted, Mr. Arram!
  3. I like all your suggestions min ven, except the kitten one--a stuffed one rather than a real one is good until they can be parents to the real thing. I'm not fond of using animals to placate hurt feelings or children--they're living things with emotions and not something that can be discarded when you get tired of them, or the giver. Will Sablo know the extra bicycle is for their apartment? Bike racks aren't usually specifically numbered for such things if I recall from my youth. Still, the 'evil imp' idea is intriguing, but I hop e you don't do that to our couple. That could be extended to Ayil possibly being in league with one by lending the bike.... Mehr, bitte!
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 15

    I'm glad your health problem is better, and good luck with the new job and computer! Bastian sounds like the only 'iffy' newcomer so far...lets hope he hates Larry who seems to be a recurring problem.
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 14

    Seems I missed this chapter until now, so it's on to the latest next. It'll be nice to find out what was happening outside.
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 35

    When I began reading this story, I was confused by the appearance of so many royal traditions, thinking it was alternate history rather than a science-fiction story. Once the erdbeesten were mentioned it started to come clear, and the evolving mystery of the colony and its history was enthralling. I know things have been resolved in the broad events, but I'd love a sequel involving more about the future as it will unfold, and perhaps see if other colonies exist in the records. And what of Earth? 'Unrest and plagues' sounds like a war or at the very least a regression, but it would be interesting to find out--maybe some people on one of the colony ships could go back? However it might go, I'd love to read more of this world. Thank you Mike!
  7. Hmm, I'm torn for a new word to describe you....poet isn't suitable in my opinion because the genre is so often a hodge-podge of things you can't classify. Blank verse to elegiacs...rhyming couplets to work-a-day song lyrics. No, where is the hint of skill and craft in that four-letter label? Lessee, 'wordsmith'? infers much hard labor and tortuous toil for a result...and that's often true, but dulls the sense of beauty and joy these works provide.... I think I prefer 'word-wright', as that implies a long-learned skill and artistry that appears lacking in the smith. I like to think of poems as crafted things much like a painting with words, or a vessel to convey our emotions from one person to another. Okay--let's give a cheer for our Gary, respected Northern Wordwright!
  8. ColumbusGuy


    Thanks Tonyr. Did you read the Christmas story with Jay and Jerry? I've been wanting to have him show up for ages, but he's sorta locked in to coming for Linda's graduation in a month or so...some things will happen at her big day. Gotta get her to the Prom of course, first so she can do the dance for JM. Since I didn't get to the event I wanted in this one, the next one is 'planned', so it should be here soon.
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 32

    Hmm...I think the boys have repaired the damaged figure from the earlier dream--and what's up with the comm-center that might have caused the earthquake? Kristijan's mind in the Overworld, and Felix has passed over...what is the Baron up to? And that aged Patriarch is making pretty good time for a near octogenarian.
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Sole Mates

    Thanks Richard, I'd love to think this sounded believable in terms of Native religious practices, I did a fair amount of research to get my facts right. Oh dear--perhaps you missed my other short stories too? On the front page of this story there is a section called 'Other Stories by Columbusguy' that lists my stuff.. Click on 'View All Author's Stories' for the complete list. In particular, there's a Christmas one with the Beckels called 'Jay's Special Gift', and a neat one called 'Dragon Quest'. I'm not trying to boast here, just think you'd like those if this one and Jay pleased you. I'm still trying to see how the next bit of this little story will go--got some ideas but the how of it eludes me just now.
  11. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 31

    Well, things are moving right along...and Vincef is going to get his due at last. Kristijan is teetering on the edge, but it remains to be seen which way he'll fall. I wish Felix could have lived.
  12. ColumbusGuy


    With my family's rocky history, I am the youngest of six--I grew up with the three sisters from my mom's first marriage, but my dad had another son and daughter from his first that were fifteen years older than me. The brother I met once when I was ten, I think when he drove up to visit, but that's it. The daughter lived in the small town Greg and Benj live in, so I saw her at holidays and stuff. So, no brother experience for me, so that bit's all fantasy and based on some of my friends who had brothers. I think I got it right. I'm not sure what happened--my mom had three sisters, all had three/four boys, and only one had two girls to add to the mix...so my mom's mix was the exception. Even her daughters I grew up with had boys, a total of six and one lone girl. I'll be producing more often--I think my dry spell is coming to an end, though I'm still trying to figure an angle for Sole Mates.
  13. @Timothy M. Hey, isn't Volvo a Swedish car? Oh wait, it's Scandinavia Against The World...at least in the comics. Tim set me on the trail of that wonderful series, so how can he represent himself as rational? Until begging him for help with my Danish boy my only experience with Danes was my dog I had about ten years before moving to town in '87. I had her from about 1972, and you couldn't ignore her--she could stand on her hind legs and stare me straight in the eyes, and I was 6'2. A great dog, white with grey splotches and bright blue eyes. Thank goodness we lived in the country surrounded by fields as she roamed all over, but always came backwhen called. My mom got her from a friend for free, and two years before I moved, I was offered a deaf male by people who raised them down the street as they couldn't take all of them when they moved away. He was nice and well-trained, but I couldn't feed two, so had to say no. So, Tim is my new Great Dane...and like the last, he seldom barks but is always nice. :)
  14. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 15

    I hope Cassie gets to visit soon and perhaps find her man in one of Ian's family... 😸
  15. Unsentimental? Something wrong with that, min ven? 😸
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