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  1. Hey, you're early and I'm up way late... Okay, Mitch knows the full story now, so maybe the morning will give him time to think about another hike. I get him not wanting Will to sit around waiting for him to die...but back then there wasn't much to be done for most illnesses. That hits home for me because we did that for my mother back in 2007--because she refused dialysis, she went into palliative care the day before my birthday and died six days later after spending the last two in a coma. She wanted no machines or resuscitation attempts so it turned into a waiting game with my sisters and remaining cousins. She had seventy six good years though.... Come on, Mitch--wake up and smell the coffee!
  2. I don't know why I keep reading this late, but by the time I do, there're way too many comments to listen to... I love this continuation of the Boone and Coy saga, and am awed by the way your language captures that of the era. What else is there to say when a great story is told by a great writer? I'll send wishes up above for a successful reunion for Mitch and Will, and hope Mitch has more time ahead of him than it looks at present. Hugs, my dear G-Man!
  3. ColumbusGuy

    Mating Flights

    I'm glad to see some happy events in this chapter, particularly that D'gar's brother got to Impress a bronze. Seeing how well our trio are getting along gives me some comfort in knowing that the coming tragedy won't find them on the rocks emotionally when it happens. The way Thread injuries happen, I think it will be swift and less traumatic for S'brin at least....
  4. ColumbusGuy


    I'm loving this series more with each installment, though I wish they were all in one place so they'd be easier to find. Gotta thank Ivor for the links when he posts a new story or I'd miss them. I'm not sure I'd like one of the boys to be GW, but I have to say that idea didn't occur to me at all, so good on yer Travlbug! To remark on his other parental comment, my mother once told me she would be fine if I was gay since I was her youngest and was almost lost by premature birth, but circumstances didn't permit me to confirm that before she died, yet I'm sure she knew as she never brought up girls or dating them. As for my father, he did find out just before we moved to separate places, and that was the last I heard from him until he died thirteen years later, finding out only after he died from an older sister who saw him several times a year... Eager for more, Ivor!
  5. ColumbusGuy

    A Deadly Tithe

    It makes my heart ache to know what's coming, and yet not knowing when, and it's no consolation when someone else meets their Fate instead. It galls to think of those lost due to chance, but more so when we lose promising riders due to sheer incompetence.... I guess it would be too much trouble to have S'brin magically survive at this point?
  6. ColumbusGuy


    In the immortal words of Mr. Gumby--'My brain hurts! My brain hhurts!' Now where did I put my wellies and I seem to have lost my kerchief....
  7. ColumbusGuy


    Hurrah--a sequel! With the fictional writer's moniker, I wonder if he'll tell the boys the truth? Spy cams? Parallel dimensions? Scrying? Eager for the next bit of this flight of fancy....
  8. Definitely would like more of Craig and James' story some day! Can't wait for more tales from your fertile imagination....
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Thread Damaged

    I'm glad S'brin hasn't gone yet now that things are working with D'gar and J'rud... Herebeth will recover with time, and I'm going to miss this story when you finish it.
  10. ColumbusGuy

    The story

    This is another example of Geron's amazing writing both in style and content. Long time fans know he can tackle serious subjects as well as tours de force like the Charlie Boone tales, so I knew from the title alone that this was going to be thought provoking, and I was right. I haven't read all the comments since I came late to the foray, but once the story began to unravel on the page, my first thought that I still hold is this: Michael was well on the way to becoming an effigy of his own creation; He accepted his sexuality, but in his own way feared it enough to hide it from those around him. Being confronted with the real thing at his own doorstep caused him to begin a journey of self-examination that led to him deciding to engage once more with those around him. Hatred is a subtle beast and can begin from innocuous sources like his parents not talking directly to him about concerns, and all it takes is one seed of doubt in a youth's mind for the roots to grow. Come on Michael, see what role Pat can play in your future!
  11. Sadly, I think Greg will be the poster boy for the new policy, and with their disregard for proper servicing, I can see the company profits vanishing and causing the closure of cinemas rather than improving methodology. Take into the picture the rise of home movie services and real cinemas will struggle even more. I love dinosaurs! Always have since I was a kid watching Harryhousen movies for them, and then later Jim Henson's tv series that was a blast. Tech for me is a mix, except for my cable and pc, I've stayed away from it; my phone is a cordless that's styled like a phone from the 50s, and I still have a Walkman cassette player and a turntable that hooks into my stereo system. Of course, down in the public area I have my 100 or so year old Victrola wind up phonograph and 78s to play on it....
  12. Wow, I can really picture the country life in this chapter where we finally meet more of the locals and their traditions. I wonder if there might eventually be Morris dancing at some point in the tale? I had to laugh my ass off at the comment 'they don't burn strangers in wicker cages anymore'...swear to God, the original British Lion Wicker Man has always been one of my favorite movies since I saw it at a drive-in a year or so after it came out! I have a limited edition of it by Anchor Bay I think with the shorter version, and the longest version left from all the compiled sources were edited. Nice wooden box too. Maybe it's some ancient spark in my DNA, but that movie stirs something deep in me regarding nature and our place in it which no modern religion can. I really want Craig to get his affairs in order so he can permanently join James in his own slice of Olde England.
  13. ColumbusGuy


    I'm with Geron and the others in pleading for a sequel to the sequel--I mean if Hollywood hacks can do it with worthless plots, surely a talented artist with the Queen's English can do it with a truly zany idea! Gotta wonder if George's predicament would apply just to this story or others he might concoct....
  14. Yep, gonna be a messy day tomorrow...queens aren't known for being at their best during mating flights, so let's hope the dragons' natural instincts keep things a bit more separated when the time comes. I feel sorry for M'rell because he's truly in need of consolation, but also stuck in the middle of an ongoing struggle between D'gar and S'brin over what their bond truly means. I like the young bronze rider...hope he doesn't get injured before he's reached his full potential....
  15. I love the details they are discovering in Jmames' cottage! My house had a great wood and tile mantel which had had a 40s gas insert put in rather than the original gas logs, so I took that out and found a new set small enough to use, but had to find a replacement for the cast iron pieces that originally covered the rectangular opening. I got lucky and found them in an antique shop and the three pieces fit just right. The lower two are horizontal about ten inches high with vertical spindles, while the top piece is a square with a pierced decorative pattern .... I had to refinish them to match the remaining original iron surround, but that worked out fine and it all looks original now. I really hope Craig screws up his courage and makes the move quickly to live the life of a country gentleman.
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