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  1. ColumbusGuy

    AOC 4

    I really want to see Jackson and Reynolds get their just desserts...come on, Ivor, don't let us down! As in days past, the Native Peoples get almost no attention from our so-called Progressive Liberals on the Left, deciding their concerns aren't as vital as those who think they are a gender different from that of their own body. Many indigenous people live in extreme poverty and nothing is done as they are confined to reservations supposedly under federal protection and their own loaws--so long as they don't discover something valuable on those lands when the majority can step in and gai
  2. ColumbusGuy

    AOC 3

    More is definitely needed my dear Ivor! Rather than add to this, which might be simpler, how about a new story titled 'Whispered Conversations'? I was surprised about the 'no jewellery' clause in the manual...that wasn't in mine even back in the 70s. If Wayne picks something relevant to his heritage, perhaps that could be a legitimate challenge to the rules? Either way...get writing!
  3. ColumbusGuy


    Interesting how Telgar names it's wings; I'm a bit surprised that the name Campbell has survived after almost 2,000 years since Landing while personal names have altered so much....
  4. ColumbusGuy


    I don't know about the status of corporal punishment other than it was in use in elementary school in my small town in the 60s, and even into middle school in the early 70s. When I entered 9th grade, we had a new principal, and I was the first one to see him, which was a rarity as I never really got into trouble. Some dick had knocked my books from my hands before the first bell, so I pushed him, and heard a teacher shout 'Okay, you who got pushed, and the one who did it--report to the Office now!' Having not been seen by the teacher, I nevertheless knew someone would tell, so I 'fessed up
  5. ColumbusGuy

    AOC 1

    I'm really hoping this is going to be a long story with an intro chapter as good as this one is! I come from Ohio which is a mix of Northern and Southern dialects historically, so they tend to even out, and all I can say is that in some parts of the South I've visited as a teen, it was hard to understand some of them with little warning. And dare I mention grits? My first encounter with those was in a diner somewhere in Georgia one breakfast..."what the heck are these things?' was my first words on seeing them. My mom laughed saying they were good, coming from Kentucky like she did. L
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Ignoring Advice

    Love the saying, Tim! I have to admit this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy... :) Could it be that J'rud has found the only likeable Benden transfer?
  7. Wow, it's been a while since I posted here, and I'm sorry for that! All I can say is that distractions abounded and I was hampered by a reluctantly appearing Muse and real life worries about other life aspects. My last checkup of 2020 hinted at some potential problems, and the latest one this year reassured me that things were essentially back to normal for me, with a good A1C and bloodwork and kidneys seemed to be chugging along if not at their once youthful vigor. I just had my second Kovid shot Tuesday with no side effects, and at least Ohio's governor is showing signs of sanity
  8. ColumbusGuy

    Cleanup Duties

    I hope S'brin grasps his weyrmate's point of view before too long...I think he does love D'gar a lot, but just has trouble expressing it the right way without letting others interfere. If he waits too long to understand, then the risk of losing D'gar grows greater, but maturity comes at its own pace for everyone. Ground Duty would be the most frightening I'd think, with the lessened agility of being afoot and the delay of getting between. I'd prefer forest duty to open fields as the burrows would be deeper with a bit more reaction time available....
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 13

    I'll miss these new friends since we can't go back there until the Great Menace is gone...lets hope Gilden and the rest will still be around to welcome our 'Security Team'. I am left wondering about Cally's parents...are they around, and what would they think of their son's having a boyfriend? I'd like to think they'd be accepting, but judging from my own experience, I know this isn't always the case. My father discovered my 'secret' about a month before we sold our house and I moved into Columbus, and he never spoke to me after that and died thirteen years later. My mother asked about
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 2

    I must be slipping as I thought the frozen world was inaccessible with the transfer point being now exposed to vacuum? Ah, Mike and I have one thing in common now--we share a fear of large and deep expanses of water! I don't mind contemplating and viewing them, just don't ask me to go into one beyond wading depth. If I remember right, I fell into a neighbor's pool as a little kid and had to be hauled out, and never went back. I've been boating some as a teen, and even went on my Senior class canoe trip, but wore a life jacket in case some jokers tipped us over...of course they did, an
  11. ColumbusGuy

    Heated Days

    There are some pretty savvy heads in D'gar and S'brin's wing...lets hope this gets straightened out fairly quickly. Hmm, maybe D'gar will have a new brother or sister before too long....
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 1

    This is a pretty ominous title for a new Armenti Adventur...but I'm sure it will more than meet our esteemed author's standards for style, wit and drama. I can't wait to see where we go in this one!
  13. It's clear that dragons only enhance the emotions of their riders and that envy and selfishness are hallmarks even on Pern. The other greens clearly want what S'brin and D'gar have, and can't abide it being successful for them if they can't find it themselves, hence.... I hope our estranged couple will reunite quickly, S'brin to gain some maturity and D'gar to begin exerting some of his own wishes in the relationship rather than just letting his weyrmate slide due to it being the 'dragonrider way'. More please, Mawgrim!
  14. It is in moments such as these where love is at it's most poignant, when the object of that love is also in physical need of our own actions to regain full health.... Be it parent or lover, the comfort is the same for the recipient, whose only concern at the time is to try to forget their ills and be happy once more. I think the worst time I had as a child was in either 2nd or 3rd Grade when I missed almost a month of school...I don't remember what it was...measles or chicken pox, but I do remember being wiped down with alcohol to bring my temperature down, and spending hours with my
  15. I'm just amazed at the insights you give us in even the most prosaic things...hands? How often do we take a conscious look at them unless we've injured one somehow? Mine remain relatively the same as in years past though the joints may ache some and there's a scar at the base of my thumb on the left one near the base that resulted in the loss of some feeling in that digit above that point; blame it on the lid of a discarded cat food tin when I went to push the trash down a bit to slip one last item in.... Despite current limitations on other parts of my sensory apparatus, the hand
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