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  1. I love your imagery, my dear friend. Think of it linked to birthdays also...there will always be more ahead than behind, we just have to wait for them.... Times are rough right now, and politics have hindered the cooperation needed to combat this virus more effectively, but we have more knowledge now and just have to rely on sanity and facts rather than fear and division. On a side note: this isn't the worst pandemic we've had--the Influenza outbreak of 1918 killed tens of millions worldwide and while not much could have been done, the government at that time issued no guidelines or bulletins on it at all, though the military knew about it in 1917 when it began. It impacted the war in Europe on both sides, and here at home mass graves had to be dug for the dead. It had such an impact that there was even a children's rhyme about it. All that in a time with less people and fewer modes of quick transport, so I think we're not doing too bad in comparison..... Coincidentally, my late father was born in late March of 1918, and I think it's a wonder that he lived through the epidemic. I saw the grave of his older brother who died in 1914 of diphtheria at age three. Hugs and much love, my dear Gary.
  2. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Damn it, Geron! You give us a smashing adventure story, an amazing new use for skwish, and leave us standing outside a sealed ancient city just about to peer inside.... We never get to see the inside of these new places, except Twombley--and we don't even know what the Juacarvo look like except they're bigger than Kontus. AARRGGHH!! You are way too good at this game, my dear!
  3. One thing about Ivor's stories is the wonderful feel he has for the period he sets them in, primarily due to the fact he's lived through it and fills the scene with resilient characters who often surprise us. The occasional Britishism is no deterrent, rather it lends authenticity to his works...his meaning is always clear to the reader, and his tales lose nothing of his special character. The English world is full of talented authors, and I enjoy nothing more than immersing myself in one of their worlds with a perspective often different from that of American producers. As one fine example, try 'Love On The Rocks' by Marcus MacNally at CRVBoy, or our own authors Graeme or Palantir.
  4. I had to smile at the images conveyed between the robin and cat scenario. Playful game or prelude to a battle for survival? Not so long ago it was thought that the concept of play was unknown in the animal kingdom, but we now know that to be untrue. It was thought then to be training for survival, but the scene you portray shows us otherwise. I seem to recall that the naturalist Konrad Lorenz said play was an integral part of the development of all animals...yes, it's related to hunting instincts, but it is done even when there is no actual prey around, say between siblings in a lion's pride. As for spiders...well, they are excellent predators, and serve a very useful purpose in our environment. Even so, there are many examples of them grown to enormous size preying on humans in both movies and novels. I too set them outside if I find one in the house, and when I lived in the country I would be careful not to destroy their webs when I found them in the undergrowth. Dang, can't say anymore that 'Sumer is icumen in'...it's already here.
  5. I loved this slice of urban life and the way you crafted a happy ending for Trent and Armie that actually was more than the standard result for this type of encounter. When I first moved to Columbus and would go out to bars with friends or singly, I was approached by such 'temporary companions', sadly mostly female...obviously of no interest though I was polite in turning them down. The only time a man made such an approach was at a party with a mix of gay and straight friends, and it took a bit to realize what he was hinting at. I'm fairly sure he wasn't gay, but needed money, and he also had other services like minor repairs and such. Weird. I'm not sure if I didn't hang out in the right spots, or didn't have tons of money because I never saw an escort like in your story...sigh. :) Almost missed this one as it was the last thing in the queue!
  6. Hey guys! I'm working on the next chapter, and my biggest frustration is why the status keeps changing from what I set it to. Also working on the next part of Tales. Had an eye appointment on the 8th, and things were all good...pressure is 18 and no changes. Next visit in three or four months. First time I'd been out since the last one in late February, and I hate wearing a mask since mild allergies and walking to where I got the ride from the local clinic to the eye clinic was bad enough without that extra hindrance. Still, the ride was free as opposed to twelve bucks each way via door-to-door taxi. 🐈
  7. Mothers are a strange mix of emotions for most of us, boys in particular. I think only time can sort some of those feelings out for us...when we were little, we enjoyed the warmth and security we got from being held; as we grew older we felt somehow limited by those same feelings, like they were holding us back, but at times even then we needed that reassurance. It was once we became teens and then young adults going out on our own that we felt free...but how often did we wish to experience that warmth one more time deep in our hearts? How often did we feel trapped by a call to hear her ask what we were up to, and how we were doing, then hasten the call to go join friends? Only once those calls have ceased because Time has taken that loved one from us do we remember those calls with a mix of joy and regret for not having had them go on longer, or more often. I spoke to my mother almost every day until she died, and visited her as often as I could, yet it seemed not enough when she was finally gone. We had no set place or event that brought us together, but every moment was one we bonded over and shared, at her house, walking in a park, or visiting relatives. And yet, it's the feeling of her arms and love that springs to mind when I think of her, going back to a time when we watched a late monster movie when I was ten and she made popcorn for us. Even now, thirteen years on, I will get an urge to call her and mention something I saw or heard that day that she would have enjoyed too...then I remember, and my day loses some of that sparkle it held until that moment. Thanks G-Man for this wonderful image of your own mother. Hugs and kisses, my friend. I wish they were from your mother, but a friend's may help anyway.
  8. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 52

    What?! Stories grow out of an author's control? Madness! Of course, my Jay & Miles was going to be just some short pieces, and has wound up being sixty chapters so far and 350k words.... I never would have thought years ago when I read your shorts at another site that we'd embark on a wild adventure into other Realms and even into outer space! Keep at it my friend...my vision problems has slowed me down, but I'm not out yet.I was glad to see footy on my cable again over the weekend with Brisbane v. Freemantle! That's about the only sport I like, having first caught it years ago before moving into Columbus in the early 80s when I liked St. Kilda and Geelong. Then as now, a big draw was the skimpy outfits and toned athletes... :)
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 52

    It has been an awesome ride, my dear friend! I regret only that this trip has ended, and it will be a while until you saddle up again to lead us on another adventure. I hope it's to the Realms again, but a jump into the Diaspora wouldn't be bad either. You've gifted us with so many new friends in this tale that it'll be like losing touch with family members we see only at unknown intervals, yet they are never far from our thoughts. I look forward to your next story, and know that it will be filled with good friends, great adventures and vividly detailed flights of fancy like all your other books. Oh, and if I'm not mistaken, Palantir has real books out--Mparntwe and Attunga are the two future sci-fi ones...pester him for links! Hugs and kisses and much love to you.
  10. What can be said when society's moral compass has failed us? You don't need religion to point out that some things are just not right, and our shared humanity is drowned in a sea of rhetoric from all sides that cares nothing for coming together as one unit to share our better selves for a solution to our problems. Civilization is a tissue thin veneer easily torn away by those who always wait for the opportunity to tear things down so we sink back into the mire of the primordial swamp. The light which occasionally shines as a beacon to a better future gutters now and could easily be blown out... I am reminded of the final verse of Zager & Evans' In The Year 2525: 'Now it's been 10,000 years, Man has cried a billion tears For what, he never knew, Now Man's reign is through...' Maybe some other species will make a better world some day.
  11. It's easier now for me to 'turn off' my editor eye since I mostly use my ears now, but like the other authors I can supply the right word or missing word in most cases. About the only things I check now in stories is the spelling of character names if the narration makes them a mad tangle. I can still lose myself in a good story, and admit to passing some up for glaring errors in descriptions as some mentioned as it may indicate a lack of attachment for the story's final appearance by the author. Also, I will give more leeway to foreign authors whose native language isn't English. As for published print volumes, one in particular drove me to distraction: I had awaited the book Earth Made of Glass by, I think, Robert Silverberg for some years, only to find when I got it, that some forty pages had been randomly duplicated in the center of the book, making it almost impossible to follow the thread of the plot. So far as I know that was never corrected. I have not had much experience with ebooks, so can make no judgments on them. I am leery of audiobooks because many are possibly edited versions of printed volumes, giving what are considered the 'best' sections of the story rather than the complete text. If I'm wrong on this count, please let me know.
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Kissing Friends

    Oh man, if Gary and Ivor are the same person, then that cuts down my circle of friends way too much! Oh wait, I've talked to Gary by phone when I had undergone my eye surgeries, and he doesn't have a British accent...but then, he wouldn't if Ivor is the fictional one. Drat, still a mystery. A sequel would be nice, but I know how it feels to try and come up with one to a story you considered completed already (Have some ideas for Sole Mates II in the works). A wonderful use of the prompt, and packed full of visuals and emotion. 🐈
  13. A sweet indulgence for the romantically minded...too bad there are those out there who don't think this is something they'd ever do. There are more than a few gay men I have run into that think it's somehow an 'extra' that isn't necessary or is less than macho. Another sad fact is that it is an art that few think to learn...a kiss can convey a wealth of information and emotion in one seemingly simple act, so I don't understand why this is a neglected topic in schools. :) A fluttering bashful smooch to my dear Gary for reminding us of this most sublime of intimacies.c
  14. From the first half of the chapter, I didn't think this ending would come so soon, or perhaps even be possible. Several factors helped to reunite Hank and Chase: they both had to let go of the resentments that grew out of the past events, and do some very deep introspection to see if any love remained between them. Without that ember, I don't think any real connection could be rekindled. Is the road ahead going to be free of pot-holes? Is it ever? At least now they have a better understanding of what they need to do to keep things running smoothly, which they didn't before. Personal growth into an adult perspective on life and love will augment the starry-eyed vision of their future, and this time they'll make it work. We can't forget the influence of Christine's last gift either--I think that gave Chase a way to see that others saw what existed between him and Hank wasn't just in his own heart, but also obvious to the one person he truly trusted in life. It worked the same way for Hank, who had lost his own trust in life once he thought Chase had abandoned him. Did Christine make the bar's sign work again just for them? I like to think so, and if Gary says it did, then who am I to argue? 🐈
  15. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 51

    It's great to have you back again, my friend! Such a wonderful update for our hero's Realm and the beginning of a new era in the relationship between Kieran and Agleron. Sounds like there may be some progress with the portal network soon...
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