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  1. ColumbusGuy

    The Hunt is On

    I really want to see more of this story, but I realize the end is pretty close now.... A book detailing D'gar's and H'rek's life together later, perhaps even to the end of the Pass would be awesome. At least give him some weyrlings to train so we can imagine how good he'll do!
  2. I'm going to miss these guys...just when their adventure truly begins into a bright future, we come to the finale. Still, all the loose ends are hogtied, and the judges give the performance the highest marks and we move on to the Champions Ring. Kudos and massive hugs my dear G-Man! xoxoxoxoxo
  3. Yeah, the messy bits can be a mood killer, and I was a bit surprised to see that there had been a 'solution' for it back then...not sure why though as problems always find fixes in every era. Heck, even the ancient Egyptians had birth control, but I think for them it was the odor of the methods used that were the main reasons for its efficacy! :) I'm going to miss these guys, which is something that also surprises me as Westerns aren't necessarily my favorite theme, but once again you've worked your magic and won me over despite my foolish notions. A story by you is always a pleaser w
  4. ColumbusGuy

    The Full Story

    Dang, I hate it's been nearly fifty years since I read the first Pern books and I get teasing memories of what will happen at Southern, but can't remember specifics! I'm going to miss these guys when the current story winds up, but hope there will be another one coming soon. D'gar and H'rek are such engaging characters that I'd hate to not find out what their future holds for them and their charges....
  5. I'm glad they got the parcels without any real difficulties, and Morker is just that...a real corker! Shouldn't the first priority now be some sort of barn for the hay and horses? The house can be thrown up quickly as a sod structure or perhaps built into a hillside for the first winter.... Makes me think to what my father's family went through getting their farm started in the 1840s-50s in north central Ohio...not wilderness then, but much land was still uncleared and towns were little more than a few houses when they existed at all. I can imagine his thoughts coming from a settled
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Half the Story

    Dang, I hate finding out when a beloved story is ending soon. There has to be a sequel...I want F'drun to get his just desserts, and Kylara too. I can't remember just how she turned out in the canon, but I hope D'gar had a part in it somehow. As it's hard for me to keep track of the queue, could you send me a note when the next Pern story begins?
  7. ColumbusGuy

    The Story

    I read this elsewhere in easily digestible portions as I got to it late and didn't see it in the queue anymore, so here's my belated reaction: Absolutely amazing and so skwishy! I love Twombley and it was great to see Horace Wingspanner again, though I miss his ancient Woody--car, that is! :) Okay, I can wait on more of this band of boys so long as you give us more adventures through Doors or into some other twilit areas to explore...just please, no little boys sending everybody to the cornfield...I much prefer him as Will Robinson. On a side note, I abhorred the Flintstones, just as
  8. At last Coy and Boone have experienced the joys of uniting their souls on a physical plane to match that of their already conjoined spirits. I'm impressed by the period feel of the scene where others might have resorted to more modern tropes to share their joy with us. Nary a four letter word or capitalized moans or grunts in sight...wonderful! You've new stoked my curiosity--it wasn't a surprise to see both men are uncircumcised as neither is Jewish, but was that strictly a Jewish practiced in those days? Granted I had little experience as a teen in seeing other guys, but I'm fair
  9. ColumbusGuy


    Okay, D'Gar would have little chance to meet Fandarel, but isn't the Harper Hall located at Fort? Since he went to the Gather there shortly after arriving in the present Pass, I'd have thought he might have seen more harpers... Not a criticism at all, just wondering as I love your stories of these events! Now I'm wondering if the two boys rescued from threadfall after being kicked out by their fathers might Impress at the next Benden hatching?
  10. ColumbusGuy


    I remember that interfering in another weyr's affairs happened in the series--didn't they have to replace High Reaches Leader at one point? So, even if T'bor isn't great, he's on his own turf, so the others can only offer advice if asked. One thing, Mawgrim, we haven't heard of Robinton or the Smithcrafthall master yet... :)
  11. I'm working on Chapter 61, and it should be ready pretty soon... In the meantime, I had blood drawn for the usual stuff related to diabetes and things, and I'm doing okay. My A1C which is a measure for my glucose levels is down from what it was last time: 5.9 as opposed to 6.1 from last year. That's all good but still a bit above what is normal, considering they keep lowering what that ought to be every time I get close. :) On the 17th I had my six month eye exam follow-up, and that looked good too, with the pressure in the good eye holding at 16. The doctor asked about doing a
  12. Huzzah! The battle cry of freedom is heard at last for our brave boys.... Nice properties they've found, and the plan should divert any suspicions just as Coy said, plus they get a free apple orchard too. I wonder if they'll have enough time to get a cabin built before winter sets in--lots of trees, but I think a two-man saw might work better at felling them than axes. Poor Blue, so maligned, but he's a vital part of the family they couldn't bear to part with. When my greatgreatgrandfather began his farm in north central Ohio back around 1845, he got a plot of 55 acres, and trade
  13. Oh, Matthias has appeared before, first as someone Ernst and Jakob knew at university around 2100, and later he seems to have known Hartmann before the loss of Star-Seeker I...used to be famous as a holo-porn actor before going into legit films. Just need to go back a few chapters to find him. :)
  14. What, you want more of this lunacy? Okay, I'll see what I can do!
  15. I remember our tree growing up--always a live tree seven feet or so high, tinsel, old glass ornaments and the old large bulb red, blue green white and amber lights.... Later on, my sisters did themed trees that just seemed too artsy for me, so when I got my own place, I did a tree like the ones I grew up with, often many of the same ornaments, some garland, and lights that were a bit smaller, but still real bulbs. Only one year did I try real holiday candles in silver clips, but they were too much of a hassle to light and then blow out. Sigh...now that it's just me and one friend who w
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