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    History, Victorian Decoration & Architecture, Reading, Writing and Gardening. All sorts of music except Urban contemporary or modern Jazz. I love black and white sci-fi movies, musicals and comedies.

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  1. ColumbusGuy

    The Long Ride

    Well, we know they've discovered a longer Interval, but the records may reveal another 400 Turn one. A small variation might be common, but it can't be too much or the Star Stones wouldn't be of much use. I wish we could have had them check out whether the other two weyrs were still occupied, but I think that may have been abandoned by the time the normal Interval came, otherwise some mention might have been made of them... Just a couple more to go, eh Mawgrim? What's in the cards for the next tale?
  2. ColumbusGuy

    Going Ahead

    Good planning for this expedition, but we have to wonder about the outcome because no records survive documenting it, and we know no other dragons came from the posting of Benden dragons at any other weyrs...so, at what point was that plan abandoned? When Zalna and T'san discovered the others did come forwrd, or when they didn't return? Wouldn't they find themselves unable to go beyond the mid point of the Interval since they figured on only 200 Turns rather than the actual 400 we know passed?
  3. ColumbusGuy

    Creline's Advice

    So many questions beyond the meaning of the Teaching Ballad... :) What's that old saw about a chicken or an egg? Eager for the next chapter and reading about the two boys finding a new home at the weyr!
  4. I love the intertwining threads in this chapter...I wonder how long having dragons at some other weyrs will last? The shortage of queen eggs may help to curtail that in a few more Turns. I'm not sure about the Crafthall positions being hereditary--I rather thought at least the Masters were found by talent, and that may run in families, but that's not a guarantee of it....Lower ranks are probably a mix of talent and heredity, but with more positions talent would seem to be a more deciding factor. Eager for more, Mawgrim!
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Dang, invited to a party and we're left standing at the gate... :) I'm glad Amy is now part of the family, and can't wait to see how she helps out. I wonder what part of Bavaria Robin's castle is in? There's something genetic in me that has always loved hiking, forests and mountains though I've only been to the Appalachians. See, I've traced my father's line to a small village I can't find on a map now--it belonged to Thuringia, but was ceded to Bavaria at the end of WWII; maybe it doesn't exist anymore as that ancestor was born there in 1813 and came to America in 1841. That town was called Sankt Georg, but I have been told his parents might have been from Switzerland, which I need to check if I can figure out what Ancestry account to get...Anybody got any clues?
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Robin is a remarkable man to have not turned his gifts to revenge on all society after what was done to his village, but then he was young when he did strike back and that left an indelible impression on him to avoid rash actions in future. I'm sure we'll see Kinsborough again in future, and now that we have a hint of many more skwish users around, perhaps we'll meet them too....
  7. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 6

    Ah, the root question of reality! This is all a creation of Robin's mind, not a universe of its own like the Vampire World...so, are these really people with their own identities or players dancing to Robin's tune? Further, is Jackin truly Robin's brother from his own past, or another figment? A perfect SCA recreation of the Middle Ages, my friend!
  8. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 5

    So are we now seeing another facet of Robin's character, a less jovial one? What other ethical questions has he learned to step around in his eight hundred years....
  9. In a way, N'rax is lucky because it sounds like a tumor rather than Alzheimers...relatively quick compared to the slow degeneration of the latter which leaves no room for choosing before it becomes too late. I watched my late stepfather slowly become just a shell of his former self and knew he hated the whole process but could do nothing to combat it...my mother died first due to complications of her diabetes, and that was the last time I saw him after nearly six months of being taken over by his daughter. He was in a wheelchair hooked up to oxygen and spoke to no one, not even recognizing his favorite grandson who he'd fished with for years...the only sign of emotion came when he was wheeled up to my mother's coffin, then he looked at her and he began to cry, though he still wouldn't speak to anyone. I was told he died within the next year in his mid 80s. What saddened me more was that I'd met his mother who died in her late 90s with a mind still clear as a bell....
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 4

    I don't know what twists and turns this story will take yet, but with the ethical question of opposing philosophies, we know it's going to be a ride to remember. Damn it, now I have the old Daffy Duck cartoon of him playing Robin Hood running through my head! Thanks loads, Geron... :) ''...actually it's a buck and a quarter quarterstaff, but I'm not telling him that..."
  11. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 3

    Hmm, one man? I was thinking it would be a group, but does this mean a reduction in the danger quotient? Somehow I don't thik so...
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 2

    One tiny bit of confusion here: initially the boys' firm was called Third Planet Inquiries, and now several times it's referred to as Planet Earth Inquiries? Sure, a rose is a rose by any other name, but it's not like our mystical magical Muse to make such a blunder... Curiosity is ramping up...can't wait to read what's next in store! :)
  13. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 1

    It's great to see some new skwish developing in old friends, and I can understand Bob's reluctance to use it in his act as it would give him an unfair advantage over other magicians in a field engineered to amuse others as its hard-earned reward. Eager to find out where this will end up, Geron!
  14. Wow Mawgrim, I never thought to check out YouTube for any songs from fictional series! Back when I first read the series first books, there was no internet, and you got music either from tv shows, concerts or recordings... Just listened to the whole playlist, and some were quite good, while others didn't quite fit, perhaps due to the limited instruments used? Of course, what would one expect in a Hold or Weyr with little chance of attracting musicians like the Harper Hall? :) One entry surprised me--Nonesuch--mainly because it's a very old tune first written down in Playford's English Dancing Master in the early 1600s, but going back who knows how much earlier before that? I've danced it many times at SCA meetings and Country Dance Meetings when I was younger. As a purely geek question, do we know how many years Pern has been settled until the current Pass?
  15. The one thing that has always disappointed me about Pern is the lack of more cultural information about the origins of the first settlers...oh, we get some details, but for the two most developed sci-fi/fantasy worlds, Middle Earth and Darkover we have major sources to help us out. Tolkien based his works on ancient mythologies and Nordic cultures, and Darkover was settled by a mixture of Latin and Celtic peoples; thus we can glimpse the living story cultures and hear their words and music as we read along. I'd love to hear the Teaching Ballads set to music, particularly the Question Song with its introductory dissonant chord so reminiscent of Beowulf of Anglo-Saxon fame. Tolkien wrote Elvish ballads, and I saw a library copy of them with the musical notation, and we can imagine Darkover from current Iberian and Celtic folk music, so why has no one given us the 'Sounds of Pern'? A group called Synaulia has reconstructed Greek and Roman music based on the instruments used and surviving texts, so how hard could this be....
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