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  1. ColumbusGuy

    Family Affair

    There are some amazing parents in the story, but also some who need work. We've only met Denny's through anecdotes, while Benny and Calvin's are complete mysteries. The Newtons place family above other things, so I bet they're aware, and if not, will it really matter so long as their children are happy? Lets hope cuteness doesn't raise your glucose levels!
  2. ColumbusGuy


    Man, seems longer than a week...but you have to add in the four months they were getting to know one another in art class. I could draw fairly well, but other than that and some calligraphy skills, I was hopeless in the arts. The dragon painting was my only real effort that I was satisfied with--I'd just discovered the Pern Books by Anne McCaffrey and was fascinated with the beasts. The boys are off to a great start, and maybe the other couple will find a way forward too.
  3. ColumbusGuy

    A New Place 2

    Chris ought to know better, but this just happened and the wound is too fresh. Give him time, and let's see what Victor does beyond moping and see how he handles Gustav. Gustav as a possible ally of the Blood Army has a great deal of merit...the leaders were ex-High Council members, and while the most visible ones left, it is far more likely that they left agents behind to feed them information. Very few vampires can read minds easily, so it ought to be easy enough to have covert agents in high places still--even Stratos. Interesting that the 'experts' in security can haul in minor cells, but not the organizers behind it....want to guess why? Victor is a youngish vampire, but he should have enough experience to know not to put unquestioned faith in exes, so he better wise up if he wants Chris to come back....
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Hard Times

    Small town indeed with about 2500 people inside the corporation limits, and it was the largest in a ten mile radius! The other two that made up our school district were a half to 2/3 the size, with others being just some houses around an intersection with names if not really being towns as such. Can't hide much in such places unless you don't talk about it at all... My town had a small bowling alley when we moved there in 1961, but it was gone by the time I began riding my bike there for candy or comics at the pharmacy...and the town hall used to show movies in a theater on the third floor, and I remember seeing Aristocats there, but it closed too. So, gossip was the main source of entertainment until the town got cable service in 1979 or so. Denny and Greg are good guys, and we'll keep our fingers crossed for them.
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Rocky Road

    I think you're right, Goodie. Denny is only in the very first steps of getting his mind and spirit back on the road to being healthy again. Can Greg be the same sort of care-giver that Jay is for Mikey? What secrets does Greg have that will be revealed in the morning?
  6. ColumbusGuy

    A New Place 1

    A couple questions are running around my head now that we know of four different Elven tribes: Patry's House is the fourth, and we know the names of the first two but not the third...are they all from a single tribe, or different ones? Second, what item will Chris encounter and take into himself to represent the third House? Is there one for the fourth, or is that Chris himself?
  7. ColumbusGuy


    I don't mind you saying it's a favorite because it shows you actually like it, and are in touch with the boys in the way I hoped. I used to be able to play the Beethoven piece, at least until it got to the hard part near the end...the piano is very similar to one that sits in my parlor today--same date and company just slightly different styling. Can't say who might be coming along in the future...isn't four enough?
  8. ColumbusGuy


    Nothing wrong with questions--they keep me on my toes, and also give me some ideas to toss in later. Linda is level-headed, so don't worry too much about her...the Beckels are never down for long with their amazing support for one another. Is there a new couple in the works? Who will it be?
  9. Schools have always been a hotbed of speculation and rumor, with truth being only a small part of it...hence Mikey 'laying out Zane with a 2x4'... Despite social legislation to the contrary, I wonder if kids attitudes have really altered much in most schools--being gay was something to hide in my day, and I wager is still not as accepted as many want us to think. Galvin vs. Vinnie isn't a mystery, it's just a familiar form of his name for friends. I never had one as you couldn't do one for it, but some kids, even when one was available, preferred something else rather than a 'kid' name like 'Timmy' or 'Jimmy'. Hence Dennis' rejection of 'Denny'....
  10. ColumbusGuy


    The Beckels are definitely a special family, and we'll learn more later to see how that came about. Hmm, Greg doling out goodies as a sign of favor to gay guys? Hadn't thought of that, but who knows. Greg is extremely loosely based on another person I knew back then, but we were just acquaintances, and I never found out any deeper truths about him. Are there more budding relationships coming?
  11. ColumbusGuy


    You're right on all counts, Goodie...there will b more scenes with dads in the story, and J/M are making new friends as they learn more about one another. As you've seen, there are many movie and television references in the conversations, and these were common between me and my few friends then. There wasn't much else to do as a kid then other than play outside or read, and this was in a time before cable so many households had only three or four channels to watch, and no vcrs either. My first video machine was a betamax, and it didn't come until about 1980.
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Phone Calls

    I'm glad the links are helpful and fun, but check out the ones on the front page for drawings of the boys' houses and school, and a list of who's who in the story if you need reminders. Some people haven't appeared yet at this point, but they will. I always thought 'frottage' was a funny sounding word, but turns out it was a heck of a lot of fun to try in person too... I'm getting the feeling that Linda's graduation chapter might wind up being done in several parts just to fit everything it!
  13. ColumbusGuy

    Phone Calls

    Ignore this since it isn't supposed to be here, and there's no Delete button.
  14. ColumbusGuy


    Some of us had less than ideal first times, but mine was a good one with a friend from high school though it happened in college. He was also the first person I came out to, and he offered experience, and was gentle and patient and we tried things out equally so I'd know both aspects of the sex act. Sadly, our friendship ended some years later when his fiancee made him choose her younger brother over me as his best man. We weren't enemies, just never hit it off, but he gave in to keep the peace, so that told me where more than a decade of friendship stood... Some questions will be answered in future chapters, while some will remain mysteries for a longer time. Ups and downs ahead, as in life, but I like happy endings....
  15. I think you're right about them showing their concern by being good providers, and that likely came from their growing up during the Depression or in a remote place like eastern Kentucky. I have seen some old pics of my mom and her sisters from the early 40s and they are in simple dresses with what appear to be work-style boots rather than more typical girl's shoes. I know when we visited my mom's aunts down there that the houses were nice, but more than one used privies rather than indoor bathrooms, and my half sisters' grandmother lived in a log cabin and fetched her own water from a spring well into her 90s...she wore a floor length dress and bonnet straight out of the 1850s. Goodie, this all does work out in the end, but I won't give away the details because I don't know them yet.... 🐈
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