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November CSR Feature: When Opportunity Knocks by kbois



I wanted to feature a story by kbois this month, and while this story is on the longer side for a CSR pick, I liked that it aligned with that oft-featured holiday month issue... unexpected family dynamics and all the bumps that indicates! So, please enjoy this month's story by @kbois and come back at the end of the month ready to share your thoughts!

When Opportunity Knocks

by kbois

Length: 96,473

Description:  Jett Anderson and Kyle Benton are starting to build a relationship. Life decides to throw in some speed bumps and hazards to make navigating the road not so easy. 

Add in some unexpected family dynamics and soon enough things get challenging. 

Can they work it out?

A Reader Said: One of Kbois best stories to date and that’s saying a lot, I really love her stories. But this one has everything, love, hot guys, cute dogs, drama, suspense, good pacing, and great detail.  ~ @Mrsgnomie

Don't forget to come back on Monday, November 27th, for the CSR Discussion day! 


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Absolutely Worth the Time To Read and Enjoy The Words Written, Great Binge Read on This Rainy Day here In Central California 🌧📖

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