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Ask An Author 3.0 #2



This is so exciting! When I joined Gay Authors not too long ago, I began reading everything I could get my little fingers on. And Ask An Author has been one of my favorite segments! When I saw that Renee and the team were searching for someone new to tackle AAA, I pulled up my ankle socks and sent her a message. I'm so ecstatic to be even considered for such a responsibility! But before we get into this, I just want to remind everyone that these questions aren't provided by the staff. Nope. That's on you, guys! Shoot me a PM about a story you read, along with at least three questions, and we'll send the author an anonymous message. 


The Hollow Hills

This story centers around The Hollow Hills - a horse farm in Vermont - and Galen and Joshua. Galen moves to New England after breaking up with his boyfriend and meets Josh. Their relationship is anything but easy, with many obstacles standing in their way. When tragedy strikes, they need to learn how to redefine their lives and live with the after-effects

Alannah is such an important supportive character to the guys. What in her past made her so empathetic?

Alannah had a difficult start in life.  She was raised by her drug-addicted mother in her early childhood, until she was brought to her grandmother’s farm and then abandoned there. Her grandmother was a kind and empathetic woman, who passed those traits on to her granddaughter.  Alannah learned to be compassionate and non-judgmental, and understands all too clearly how otherwise good people sometimes make mistakes.  

Who was first? Galen or Josh.

Josh.  Josh first appeared in a short story I wrote for a writing assignment way back in ninth grade.  Galen didn’t come around until about eleven years later.  

How did you come up with the setting?

See question #2! After I wrote that story, the farm kind of took on a life of its own. Josh needed someone else at the barn, so I came up with Alannah’s character, and then Adam’s.  The farm became almost a character in and of itself, and is based on my dream place to live.  At some point I want to write a prequel to The Hollow Hills, which would cover when Josh arrived at the farm, Alannah moving there from Ireland, and it would feature Adam’s story as well.  

It's a long story. How did you stay motivated? Any tips?

I was really gung-ho when I started writing it, then I got a nasty case of the flu and had to take a several-month-long hiatus from writing.  Getting back into the groove proved difficult at times, but these characters are so dear to me that not finishing was never an option.  I think my motivation was the need to get this story on paper, so to speak.  It was always my dream to share their story, so I’m thrilled I was finally able to do so, and that people liked it so much. 

I don’t really have any tips as to how to stay motivated to write, since motivation is such a personal thing.  What works for me won’t necessarily work for someone else. It’s something I’m struggling with at the moment.  I think taking a deep breath and a step back sometimes is helpful.  Re-reading my stories can also be motivating to me.  So is reader feedback.  I love hearing what people think of my work, even when they’re ranting about Josh! 


And that does it for this month's Ask An Author! Since Renee made the rules for me, as per AAA 3.0 #1, we are showcasing a different author for every month this year. That means Valkyrie gets to sit back and relax! Don't forget to send me a message with three or more questions so our community can discover their next binge! After all, I'm starting to run out of things on my streaming services to watch. This pandemic is really rough!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how about we try for a real sappy love story for next month? Go dig through your favorites and followed stories, ask some questions, and we'll get them answered! See y'all next month, unless Renee fires me! Also, Carlos! I stole your dots from 2.0. They're mine now, and you can't have them back!

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I'm really glad to see someone stepping up and taking the reins of AAA.  I love the new format and was happy to answer the excellent questions I was sent.  Thank you, @astone2292!

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