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Featured Story: Trophy Cub

Renee Stevens


Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a blast here at my house, celebrating our little mans 3rd birthday!  To start you week off, we have this great review for you to check out. Enjoy!

Trophy Cub
Grumpy Bear

Reviwer: Chris191070
Status: Complete
Word Count: 78,733

This isn't your normal were-creature story, in fact the first few chapters contain quite disturbing content. If you find scenes of rape, violence and group sex disturbing then this isn't the story for you. But bearing that it mind, if you get past the first 7 or 8 chapters, you'll be OK.

This story introduces us to Mike who is hoping to find his Mr Right on Bear Night, but that all goes wrong when he is kidnapped by a sadistic Lycan pack who imprison him and use him as their human sex slave.

One night he's taken to a bar where he's used and abused by the lycans. This is where we learn he's Bear Kindred and he finds his Mr Right, only it's not that simple.

What follows is a story that introduces us to were-bears, their history and the adventures it takes Gunnar to rescue his Cub. The secondary characters are a delight and add love and humor.

As astone2292 says: In terms of the perspective of the were-creature genre, the author does his work to set his universe apart from others. Placing a stress of importance on kindred humans is both refreshing and welcome. 

This is the first story from this author and the first Book in the Were-bears in America. For those who love were-creature stories that contain a sliver of hope, this a great story.

Category: Fiction  Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Paranormal  Tags: mature adult, were-creatures, adult, north america, anal, oral, rape, violent  Rating: Mature

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