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Featured Story: The Reluctant Consort



Well imagine my shock, shock I say :o when I got to GA and noticed the wrap up still up. I realized that we missed getting up the super duper Review Team's, in this case @aditus, review. Since we are basically a day late, we will keep it up for Tuesday as well. My apologies to the Review Team and all our members.


The Reluctant Consort
by lilansui


Reviewer: Aditus
Status: Complete
Word Count: 299,713

I don’t understand that the story The Reluctant Consort has not more readers. It is the best story at the moment.

When I saw this post by @dutch woman, I immediately became curious. After reading the first chapter of Jihan and Kastan’s story, I was hooked.

Jihan is a successful merchant who directs and controls his family’s business through an intricate and powerful trading network. Wisely, he stays under the radar of the Imperial Court, being well aware that attracting the Emperor's eye could awaken covetousness and envy. His father, Lord Duyi Kamran, however, is very ambitious. He is not satisfied with the courtesy title he carries but wants a real noble title attached to lands and a position in court, therefore he arranges, behind his son’s back, for his family to become a supplier for the army in the war against WestNation. The inevitable happens: Emperor Kiyan recognizes the usefulness of the Kamran family’s wealth and connections for the empire. He wants it under his control and orders his brother Kastan to marry a member of the Kamran family.

Kastan Miran is the second prince of the Imperial Family and commander of the armies of Akasha Empire, thus he wields considerable power, which equally evokes envy and fear within powerful members of the palace. As a result, they seek to attain control over him by instigating a series of political machinations.

Determined to protect his sister from an arranged marriage, Jihan reluctantly agrees to marry Kastan eventually.

Every time you think the story will be wrapped up soon, Sui creates another unexpected twist, another intrigue within intrigue. There’s always a new player scheming, who you hadn’t had on your mind before. Villains turn out to be allies and vice versa. On top, everything is decorated with beautiful scenery, rustling, colorful robes, gleaming jewelry, shadow guards, secret armies, and lots of sexy men. What more can you wish for?

Reading The Reluctant Consort had me on the edge of my seat, neglecting my cats and dragon, and my mind wandering when it should not. What are you waiting for?

Category: Fiction  Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance  Tags: gay, alternate earth, war, fighting, ancient times, love  Rating: Mature

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I've enjoyed Lilansui's stories that I've read so far, but I haven't read this one yet. I'll definitely add it to the list! 

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I really must finish reading this story. I liked the beginning, but I have to admit I didn't like all the nasty plotting against them in the middle of the story.

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