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Just call me Diddy......



Ok, so as of midnight, i'm not allowed to eat or drink anything. That totally sucks because I know that when I wake up from my surgery tomorrow I'm going to be thirsty and it'll probably be the same guy as last time feeding me ice chips with his bare hands :thumbdown::thumbdown:


That said, I've come to a conclusion......I'm like P Diddy.....no, I'm not a famous rapper who lives in New York, and Suge Knight doesn't want to kill me (at least I hope not :wacko: ) but for the last few days, I've been saying things like, I won't stop. Of course, that's the P Diddy signature saying on just about every song he's in.

But it's the truth. I just finished chapter 44 of What's the difference between me and you and sent it off to my editor, so hopefully if I can come home tomorrow night, I'll have the energy to post it. If not then, definitely Tuesday. I'm also still writing poetry, and I posted the mothers day poem I wrote for my stepmom, My Mom , in the e-fiction section of the site.

Also, I'm still gonna get to work. I can go back next week :)


So anyway, call me Diddy......or just call me Nick :) either way, I won't stop


Someone important to me once said this in a PM he wrote to me:



Life is like driving NJ. There is a rearview mirror and it serves a purpose but to get to where you want to go, you've got to be looking forward.



BTW, the next chapter of My Jump Off is coming soon


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Guest Kitty


Keep us posted on how you're doing, Nick.


Kitty :)

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