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Please, don't feel my pain



:angry: Ok, so I had the surgery yesterday and the doctoer removed the tumor. We have to go back today for a followup at the doctors actual office somewhere in Norfolk. When we're there, I think I'm gonna give this guy a piece of my mind. He promised me that it wouldn't hurt, and that I would hardly know what happened.

The truth is I'm miserable. And maybe I'm just being grouchy, but I really think this jerk either lied to me or he screwed somthing up and I'm not supposed to feel this sore and tender. It hurts to even take a deep breath right now, and everytime I try, I cough, and that makes the pain worse. It's almost feels like someones stabbing me in the lung. At the same time, my dad had to redress my bandages, and when he pulled them away, I think we both almost fainted. The cut actually starts at my belly button, and I get queezy even thinking about it. Someone acutally cut me open at my bellybutton


Ok, so now that I'm totally grossed out and I'm thinking that the worst is behind me, I find out that when we go in today, the doctor might decide to admit me to the hospital for a night if he doesn't like how my incision's healing :thumbdown::thumbdown:

I can say for sure that I don't like how it's healing, so how in the world is he going to like it??? I'm hoping to God that I'm wrong and that it's okay......I guess we'll find out at 4.

There's good news, though. I finished chapter 6 of My Jump Off , and i got it posted today. I hope everyone likes it. Also, I worte a poem when i first found out I had another tumor, but i'm not sure if I'll post it or not. It's a little defiant, and maybe in a way, I was trying to poke death in the eye, even though I didn't know yet what was going to happen. It's a little personal, but I might post it someday. I mainly wrote it for myself as a way to stay strong in case the tumor was cancerous, which I'm sure now that it wasn't because they would have told us yesterday at the hospital if it was.

The other good news is that I'm actually all caught up on my school work, and I found out that these days I'm missing aren't going to count against me. With finals, that's a good thing. I know I can stay on the A/B honor roll, but there's no way I can make the principals list because I've had too many referals this year. I don't really care about that though.

So anyway, sorry if it seems like I'm complaining. I really don't feel good, and my throat still feels dry from not having anything to drink for almost a whole day. I just needed to vent a little.


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Ok, I'm not gonna go into my hospital experience from my spinal fusion surgery. Lets just say the did major surgery on my lower BACK by going through my abdomen (that's your belly) :o . My scar is about an inch below my belly button and is about 10" long. But I don't have any stich scaring because he used super glue to seal the incision. The only bad thing was that for like 4 weeks after surgery, when I would roll from one side to the other, I would feel all my innards shift from the change in gravity. :blink::thumbdown:


Good Luck in recovery Nicko :wub:


:king: Snow Dog

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Hi Nick,


I'm really, really sorry to hear that your surgery was painful, though I'm sure it won't last for long. Not that I know what I'm talking about as I'm probably the biggest wuss in the world when in comes to pain, and dentists... [shudders, turns white and throws up].


I also want to say thank you for giving me your monthly excellence award. I don't know quite what to say except thank you. I'm honoured. :)


Hope you're feeling 100% soon, and do vent as much as you want. That's what blogging's all about. ;)


Camy B)

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