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The Bitch Is Back! =)



Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back in the States, safe and sound. My wireless connection isn't working yet, but my parents' friend is coming by on Saturday morning to check it out, and hopefully it'll be ok by then. In the meantime, I'm using my parents' computer. I just would rather use mine, because it has all of the Chinese software and stuff I need for my "work," as well as the WS_FTP software I use for updates and all of my files and stuff. Anyway, hopeufully it will be resolved tomorrow.


That cats are quite scared being the their new environment, but they have such a huge space to run around in now, lots of toys to play with, and lots of new things to explore. Once they get over their initial fear, I think they'll like it a lot ... at least until I have to move again! hehe


Shadow managed to escape his cage somewhere between Nagoya (Japan) and San Francisco, and one of the baggage handlers found him running around in the luggage comparment in San Fran ... fortunately he caught him. Shadow and Simba both need baths as soon as they got home, because they both had "accidents" (heck, they were locked up in a cage for 25 hours). Surprisingly, Kitty was just fine. But they're all very scared right now, and it will take them some time.


Anyway, hopefully the computer thing will be taken care of tomorrow. But since the guy (a retired FBI agent) doesn't speak Chinese, I hope I can translate all of the computer terminology correctly for him, and that he can actually take care of it. He gave me a password that I had to enter when it turned, but the password didn't work ... said something about it needing to be a certain number of characters, so I'm not really sure about that ... *sigh*


So, I guess it's a good thing that I posted Ch. 22 early, eh? Ch. 23 is already written and off to Kitty, and my computer issues should be solved by posting time next weekend (I hope). If not, I'll just download the FTP software to my parents' computer and do it from here.


Anywho, I'm beat ... the jet lag has really hit hard, and I've got soooo much stuff to do now that I'm back, like buying a whole new warddrobe, getting a cell phone, opening a bank account, and buying my NEW CAR! WOO-HOO!!! :2thumbs:


Anywho, not sure when I'll be back on MSN, but you can PM me or whatever. If things with the WiFi end up being complicated, I'll just download MSN Messenger on this computer and the other software I need, but I'd really much rather use my own computer, and have my own Internet connection, so I don't have to share with my mother.


Over and out! :boy:




Buddha ... back in the good 'ol USA ;)


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:/ You should download MSN into your mother's computer XD. and YAYS! for the new car! C: I hope you get the WiFi connection taken care of soon,





Battle Royale, is the goriest movie I've ever seen... quite disturbing, actually.

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Guest Kitty


Well done :music: ...


and welcome to the next part of your life, my friend.





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Hey! Glad you're safe and congrats on your return to the west, and living under Bushism!


Buying a new car sounds fun. I've seen them, stroked them, been in them, but I've only ever owned old beasts. Do remember the environment. Gas guzzlers, fun though they are, should be banned. :nuke: </rant>


Are you gonna drop the TW now?


Camy B)

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Welcome Back! Glad you got home safely!! I look forward to chapter 23!! Get some rest, my partner has to go to Beijing once a year for three weeks. When he gets back, his clock is off for 3 or 4 days. He has to force himself to stay up during the day just so he can attempt to sleep at night. I definitely understand what you are going through.


Your Friend,




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Welcome back.. :2thumbs: Sure all will resolve with time and that you can keep your pace down while you readjust. I flew back from Spain on the 4th seeing great fireworks while flying over Maine. Am now babysitting one of my grandkids.. that is getting what i asked for.. a dramatic shift from living alone on a boat. but i am ready for this.. i think. Hope your jet lag works thru as always slowing down and meditation usually helps me thru the changes. If I remember to do it.. Pax Steve..

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Welcome Back LittleBuddhaUS !!!! :2thumbs:


I hereby officially propose that Little Buddha's new Acronym be:



(Little Buddha Temporarily Residing In His Parents' Home On The Eastern Seaboard Of The United States)



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Guest Kitty




That sounds rather ... Egyptian. Ancient Egypt, that is. King Tut, and all that.

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Glad you, your PC and kats are all home safe & sound David!


Sounds like one of your kitties had an adventure. :ph34r:

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Guest Kitty


One hopes that Shadow did not pee on someone's luggage while he was roaming around the cargo hold.

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Welcome home, LB.

Hope your wireless connection problems work out.

Good luck with everything from sleeping off the jetlag to purchasing the new car.

And I wonder if any of your fellow passengers on that flight are puzzling over why their luggage now bears cat-claw marks?



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YAY!!! Welcome back!!! I hope everything is well, and you get over that cold and that jet-leg soon. :hug


Kurt :D

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Welcom back. :hug:


I hope the transition is as smooth as can be expected while you have to live with your parents. Sorry, didn't mean to rub it in like some of us have. 0:)


New car, :great: that should take your mind off of some of the more unpleasent things you have to endure.


Good luck with getting everything settled, and your job search.



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That sounds rather ... Egyptian. Ancient Egypt, that is. King Tut, and all that.

Hmmm... Good point.. And it's also darn hard to spell.


Fortunatly, however, there is an easy answer to this dilemma!


He's no longer in TW, so we could call him

"The Artist formerly known as LittleBuddhaTW."


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