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Firstly Im on HOLIDAY! Work can go to hell for the next8 Days for all I care!Now the good bit, if youve read Chris's post then you know already what the little bugger has been upto :)I cant believe he's planned a trip away for us and I never even knew a single bit of it. Now you must understand im a bit of a control freak about the house I have to know every little thing thats going on around me. For example weve got caller ID on our phone so i can check back to see every caller who's phoned during the day, just incase i want to call back lolhe's even booked flights down, now usually i'd say thats just a waste of money since the flight only lasts 40 minutes, but on this occasion im just going to stay quiet and enjoy the ride. He's got a really nice hotel in the city, booked a tour for us and even booked our seats for dinner. I knew something was up when i came home today and he was grinning like a cheshire cat. All he said was read the GA board, my first thought was shit what's been posting about me ;) lol Then I read his post kissed him and have been jumping around like a little kid since. :)I'll be about tonight but if i dont speak to ya's it'll be tuesday :) bye bye till thenDave


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Dave and Chris:


Happy Anniversary and Happy Holiday!!! I am sure you will have a wonderful Anniversary Dinner and a memory filled Holiday together!!!


Enjoy and then some!





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