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We have babies!



:D Well, Marina surprised me--though maybe not really. I was talking to my mom yesterday and telling her I thought Marina might be close to having kittens since she seemed to be getting milk.


So last night when Pretty Girl decided to try to dig her way through the door to my computer room, I let her in. She is also pregnant and the last time she had kittens she completely surprised me--didn't even know she was pregnant. So just because she doesn't look big, doesn't mean she isn't ready to have them.


So I set her up with a box and before I went to bed I went looking for the other two mamas-to-be (Marina and Little Girl). I figured I'd keep them all in the one room. Figured Marina would be ok with that as long as she was in the room with them BEFORE her kittens were born. She is fiercely protective of her babies and once she has them, NO OTHER CAT is allowed to cross the threshold.


I found Little Girl but couldn't find Marina. I figured she was downstairs and I went to bed. I got up this afternoon (hey, I went to bed at 11:30 AM so afternoon is really about 5:30) and went looking for her. Couldn't find her. Turns out she had gotten into the closet in Sam's old room yesterday when he got something out of there. And sometime between then and now she had her kittens. :D


She had one yellow one with white, one white one with black, one multi-colored one that looks a lot like her and one that looks to be a light grey tiger. Pretty sure she is finishehd. Last time she gave birth to 7 kittens, 6 of whom survived. So 4 is very good. They all look nice and healthy and strong and she looks very pleased. She is a good mama.


I will get some pics tonight.


Oh...by the way...the father of all these kittens is Meowth. He is Marina's son.


EDIT: Pictures :D







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:D so glad they are doing ok awww and cannot wait for pics i LOVE baby kittens they are so purrfect :D
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