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Another Weekend



Well, Vance mentioned that I haven't done a blog in a while, so I figured maybe I should write something. Work is going pretty good. We had a pot luck yesterday, and I stuffed myself on all kinds of good food. I brought a pasta salad with feta cheese, pepperoni, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. They usually do that kind of thing about once a month, and we'll be having a chili cook-off next month. I LOVE chili, so that should be pretty fun.


I bought Elton John's new album, The Captain and the Kid, the other day. It's really incredible. It's the sequel to his 1975 autobiographical album, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirty Cowboy, which was about his early days with his songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, before they became famous, and all of the trials and tribulations they faced together back in the late sixties. This one covers the rest of their 30+ year career together. My favorite song on the album is 'Blues Never Fade Away,' and Elton has said that he thinks it's his best vocal performance ever. It's an incredible song.


I've been reading a lot of books lately. I really enjoyed Leave Myself Behind by Bart Yates, and just finished Desert Sons by Mark Kendrick last night. I tried reading Mark Roeder's A Better Place, but it was absolutely horrid. It's really a hit-or-miss thing when you buy self-published books. The book by Bart Yates is worth checking out, though. He's no J.D. Salinger, but it's not bad to read for fun if you're bored.


There hasn't been much else going on ... just working and counting the days until I have enough money to get the heck out of my parents' place. It should only be another month before I have enough money. I could go right now if I wanted to, but I'd like to have a little extra money saved up first. I haven't started writing 'My Elusive Drug' yet, but have been spending some time getting the characters and story line worked out, and I think it'll be a pretty good story.


Anyway, that's about it for now.


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YAY, you blogged and I was just sitting here thinking hmmm David should blog. hehehe You're right Desert sons is a really great book, the sequel is really good too. I'm so glad you are getting to move out in a month. Freedom again YAY





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I make the best chili if you want to join the cook off. And no I won't make it for you but I will provide you with the recipe.



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Hey, Glad the job is going well. I remember living with my rents when I was about 26 it was harsh. I liked Desert Sons and the sequel quite a bit. I have had a bad internet connection so have been reading books alot too. Good luck and hope you continue in your return to this side of the world. Pax. Steve

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Take care and may your days be exciting and your nights peaceful ;)



Peaceful nights, but not boring!


Hugs also. (If you need an escape, I'm just down the highway.)



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