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First day at work



Well, today was my first day at my new job. The commute is about an hour each way, which really sucks, but I only have to tough it out for a month or two until I can get my own place. That should cut the commute down to 20-30 minutes. The work is actually quite complicated and there's tons of stuff to remember, a complex computer system and series of databases to learn, etc. I'm very familiar with the translation industry and linguistics (which is important for quality control and just knowing how the business operates), but the management and technical side of it is going to take some time to learn. Oh well ... at least I'm getting paid pretty decently. I found out, though, that my health insurance doesn't include dental, which kinda sucks. I also have a ton of forms that I have to fill out tonight, and then even more to do tomorrow. I HATE paperwork ...


A good thing, though, is there's this really HOT Latino guy who works in our office. I don't think he's gay (my gaydar is VERY accurate), but at least he's a nice piece of eye candy, and I have been known to be able to convert cute guys if I really put my mind to it ... :wub:


Chapter 26 is now posted. Writing SOOTB has been a lot of fun, as well as a great learning experience. It's also given me a chance to meet some really great people, and I've learned quite a bit about editing along the way, which will actually be a big help in my job. I hope everyone enjoys it! I'm not sure when the next story will start posting ... my job is going to keep me quite busy, and I'll be even busier when I start getting ready to find my own place and move out (I can't wait!!! Living with my parents, albeit briefly, is driving me absolutely nuts! :thumbdown:


Anyway, that's it for now. Enjoy the last chapter of SOOTB! :read:


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yay an hour does suck, some people have a worse commute then an hour.

Yummy latino eh? Convert him :devil: Please tell us when you get a appartment :D

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Good luck with the job and moving! And the last chapter was great btw!!

I agree with all that!


Take care David, I hope you enjoy the new job and adjust quickly :)

all the best,


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Congratulations about the new job.

The hour's commute souinds like a pain, but given this part of the world, not to be unexpected.


Nice ending to SOOTB.


And on a completely irrelevant tangent, another board I'm on drew my attention to this video:


which contains a scene about 5 or 6 minutes in that makes Elton John in a bird suit look normal by comparison.



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