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Gonna go to the fair



Well tomorrow is the big day. Our once yearly trip to a fair. I'm very excited. I can't wait to eat some caramel apples, and some fries and some dough boys. Oh and I'm going to try some funnel cake this year. I haven't had that before, hadn't even heard of them until I started playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. Last year I saw a booth for them, but I was too busy eating cotton candy to stop and by the time I was hungry again I couldn't find the booth again! Lol, last year was funny too cause I went wanting to get fried vegetables which I'd had a restaurant here and thought were really good. So we're going through the fair and I see no 'fried veggie' booths but TONS Of 'Tempura' booths. It took most of the day for me to realize that Tempura IS fried Veggies!


I looked at the schedule of events for the fair and there really isn't anything exciting for shows or anything tomorrow. There is a blueberry pie contest though, maybe if i go there and look hungry they'll let me be a judge! hehe. We have to find the winners of the 'biggest pumpkin' contest too. We never saw those last year and that's one of my favorite things to see at the fair.


I'll do another blog after I actually go to the fair, I just felt like doing one this morning too. Sam bought a new car on Saturday. We went to Bangor so he could test drive some and ended up coming home with one. He really loves it. I do too, it looks sporty and I gotta admit he looks damn sexy in it! hehe. Course I think he'd look sexy in a bright neon yellow, ummmm really ugly car! Lol i can't think of an ugly car at the moment!


Usually when we go to Bangor we go to a Chinese buffet that's REALLY yummy. But this time we decided to go to Bugaboo creek. I think that was the BEST meal I've ever eaten in a restaurant. I ordered a honey pepper ribeye steak. and OMG that thing was incredible. I ate every last bite, all of my fully loaded baked potatoe even the skin and every last bite of my ceaser salad. Not to mention two slices of bread. I really couldn't move the rest of the day but it was SOOO worth it! And to think I wanted dessert when we first sat down. Cause you know sometimes they have this little menu thing with pictures of desserts right on the table? well they had this one with chocolate mousse sorta stuff with toasted marshmallow over it then a stack of graham crackers to dip into it. LIke a s'more. and MAN it looked sooo good. But I just couldn't eat another bite by the time I was done my actual meal.


Well I guess I gotta start getting dressed now. I wish I could say TGIF but nope I gotta say GGAM (good god another Monday!) heheh made that one up myself, hard to tell that huh? lol. Well have a great day everyone! I'll let you know about my fair adventures after tomorrow.





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Have fun at the fair Vance!


Dont forget.... Sit on a tractor and twirl the big bit on the front of a combine :P


What type of car did sam get?


Take care





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Definitely go with the funnel cakes!!!!! I'm not sure what a dough boy is, but funnel cakes are awesome!!


I hope you both have lots of fun at the fair.


Take Care,



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I hope they have freaky animals there -that's my favorite part -the world's biggest cow, world's smallest horse, two headed calf. makes me feel downright normal so I can eat fried bread dough (that's what we call it in western Massachusetts) and not feel like a nasty pig.



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You really like food don't you? It feels like this entry was almost all about food. 90% food, really.


Funnel cake is cool, though lately I've been on a mediterranean dessert kick. Funnel Cakes are really easy to make, though. You make the dough (I forget the exact recipe, but yo can find it on google), fill a shallow pot with oil (you want it about 3 inches filled with oil), let it heat (not too much(, then just pour in the dough (the dough should be runny and sort of liquidy). You pour it in in circular motions, sort of, and let the strands connect. Then you let it brown a bit, flip it on the other side, take it out, and dust it with powdered sugar. It's nice. I like it with strawberry jam, but it's good with chocolate syroup or whipped cream too. It's really easy.

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I haven't been to a good old fashioned fair in a long time. Now that you brought it up, I need to find one to go to. I LOVE funnel cakes and corn dogs and all that other good fair food. Now that I've lost most of the weight that I've wanted to lose, I think it'd be okay to have a few treats ... :P


BTW, Sam got a Toyota RAV4, just like mine! WOO-HOO!!! ;)

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