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Vacation outing



So my mom flew in to Kansas City Missouri to visit her family a few weeks ago. She managed to not tell my grandmother about me being gay and having a boyfriend for the entire trip... almost. This morning they printed off a bunch of the pictures on her camera and among them was one of Silven. My grandmother asked who he was... my mom said he was a friend of mine; she asked how we knew each other, mom said we met over the internet; she asked what we had in common and.. .well... my mom doesn't know much about Silven to answer that question. Anyway... she kept asking questions and mom eventually told her I'm gay and that the young man in the picture is my boyfriend. Apparently she talked with mom for some time and at some point said that this doesn't change that she loves me - thats good - but she's still a bit in shock/disbelief over it. I tried to call her a few minutes ago but no one picked up the phone... I'll try calling again later tonight.


I have to say that this whole explaining to people that I'm gay thing is getting old.




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I wouldn't be looking foreward to that call, but she seems to be entertaining the idea, so that's a good thing.


As I have gotten older the things that used to send me into orbit, don't bother me so much, and I'm sure your Grandmother is there too.


It's not so much about acceptance as it is about how much energy you want to put into something that you can't change anyway. She loves ya, and that's all she needs back from you.


Good luck.



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Hey Demetz,


first off :hug: I hope everything works out with your grandmother. It sounds like your mom did the best she could.


It also sounds like things will work out okay. Besides, I think Ex is right.


Anyway take care and good luck,


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