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Happy November



Well after the wind we had all weekend there are very few leaves left on the trees. Sunday was awesome though. We watched scary shows on TV all day long. There were no good movies on, at least that we hadn't seen recently. So we watched 'Most haunted' and 'Scariest Places on Earth' and it was SO cool to lay in bed watching scary shows on a dark and gloomy day with the wind HOWLING outside. My cat is a brat though, I tried real hard to sleep in on Sunday morning but she kept ramming her head into my face. So finally I was like 'well she must want something, I'll get up.' So I get up and the little brat curls up in my spot. SO that's why she kept waking me up! she just wanted my spot! And yesterday I had my lunch on the counter, which I always do, but usually it's in one of those ziploc containers. Yesterday they were either full of other stuff or I had left one at work so I put my lunch in a sandwich baggie. And I walk out into the kitchen as I'm leaving for work and her head is in the bag and she's stuffing her face on my lunch! It was kinda cute though because when she heard me she like jumped then turned around real quick and cried and she knows when she cries I'm a sucker so I couldn't even get mad at her. If I can create such a spoiled monster out of a cat I shudder to think what I could do to a child. Sam insists I'd be a good dad, but I think it's imperative I learn the ability to say 'no' once in a while before such a thing happens.


Speaking of Sam I've come to discover I may love him too much. Not that, that's anything I want to change. I love loving him. But for instance the other day I was driving home from the grocery story and I saw this car like his. And I got all warm and tingly all over and just really happy inside, and I knew it wasn't him, I knew he was still home sleeping but just the sight of a car like his got me all worked up! I came home and told him I loved him too much and he laughed and said 'Well if that's a problem I can try to be more of a jerk." So of course I said that I would prefer he didn't be a jerk, I don't even think he would know how honestly! The ONLY thing I don't like about our relationship is that he works nights and I work days. So we NEVER really see each other during the week. I've gotten used to spending evenings by myself, but that doesn't mean I like it very much! It sure does make the weekends EXTRA special though.


Work is going good. Things have slowed down in the past few weeks, not so slow that we are hurting, but slow enough that we can get caught up on all we got behind on when it was so crazily busy! I'm also getting a 20 dollar a week raise in the job I do at night at home. Usually that job doesn't take that much time most nights I don't have to do anything. Once in a while all hell breaks loose, like last night! I sure do like the extra money every week though. It's like having a part time job but I don't have to leave the house to do it. Now that's my kinda job! The reason I'm getting 20 more dollars a week is because I used to get Sundays off. But the girl that covered it Sundays is leaving work so now I have to take it over. Which gives me the extra 20. When I started making all this extra money I started saving up for a lap top. Well I've had enough saved up for a lap top for a month now and now I don't want to spend the money. It's a really nice feeling to have some money in the bank. SO I don't know if I'm going to get a lap top or not.


Well I guess that's all I got to say today! I hope everyone has a great week.


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Aww, Sam is lucky to have you, think you make a good dad, and really you will be saying no.



I know I got my first pay check from this job, yay finally more money :D

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If I can create such a spoiled monster out of a cat I shudder to think what I could do to a child. Sam insists I'd be a good dad, but I think it's imperative I learn the ability to say 'no' once in a while before such a thing happens.


Kids are meant to be spoiled Vancey! You'll make a great Daddy. Let Sam be the disciplinarian ;)



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Yeah... you be the good cop, and Sam can be the bad cop! :P


I guess your feelings are similar (but very different in the fact that Sam feels the same about you) to mine, in that whenever this guy that I have had a crush on for a while talks to me, or smiles at me, or anything like that I get all happy and feel really good inside, and it makes my day. Well, the obvious difference is that Sam feels the same way abou you, and my crush does not. :( Sam is really lucky to have such a great guy like you.


I sure do like my new laptop... ;)


Kurt :D

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You're more than welcome to use my kids to practice saying 'No'. They won't listen, but you can get in the practice anyway. :D


And you might want to consider that if you do buy a laptop you really should break that habit of eating while computering. You can't change the keyboard as easily and as often as you do now.



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