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All night long



Last night we had my birthday party and Im still kinda wiped out from it all. Everything started at 5 and my folks cleared out for the most part, which was a good thing. My dad and stepmom spent the entire day cleaning and getting everything set up for me, and I feel bad because my dad even got the hot tub cleaned out and ready but it was too cold for us to use :music::music::music:


We had such a good time though. My buddy Jonny manned the grill and we had brats and wings, and someone else brought about 60 cans of whip creams. It wasn't my first time doing them, but I guess I forgot how intense it can be :pickaxe: :pickaxe: It just seemed perfect because even though it was cloudy, it never started to rain. I was a little worried that the music was too loud, but I guess that was silly because it wasn't like my grandparents, who are our next door neighbors, were going to call the cops on us :2hands:


So anyway I have this really good friend Stacey, and her and I had a really long dance to one of my favorite songs by John Legend. She just broke up with her bf less than a week ago and she's been really bummed out, so it was like a double bonus for me. I got to dance with my best girl friend and I actually got to see her smile a happy smile, not one that she was faking.


Of course I got lots off cool stuff too, like a sh*tload of clothes. My cousin James got me a bad ass Nike jogging suit, which I needed bad, since I've pretty much outgrown my last one.


Anyway about six of my friends crashed here last night and I should have gone to bed too, but I was way too hyper to go to sleep. So instead I stated up till 5 in the morning, then I finally crashed until noon. When I got up almost everyone was gone except for my cousin and Taylor. My folks were off to church so we made a big breakfast and trashed the kitchen. I may or may not have slopped waffle batter in between the stove and the counter and I know I spilled a whole bag of popcorn kernals when I was looking in the cupboard for something.


So anyway now it's raining and I have nothing to do. I tried on some of my new clothes but what I really wanted to do was go car shopping again..I guess it's not necessary. I already know what I want, and my dad said he'd get it for me, but I have to pay for the gas and help pay for insurance, which I think is total BS but I guess I have to take what I can get.


Of course, that meant I had to get a job, so I called my old boss at the commisarry and asked if I could come back. She said no prob, but right now I'm only going to work ten hours a week, at least until the end of the school year. I'll still be working for tips, though, so that means I have to hussle more than I used to so I can be back at the register and bag for more people :wacko: :wacko:


As far as my writing goes, here's where I am.......


I finished Bodega Bay, and I started posting Time In A Bottle...in the meanwhile, Staking My Claim is going to be my primary focus. I just posted chapter seven and I'm working on eight right now. I don't know how many chapters this story's going to be, but I promise that no matter how many it is, I'll make it worth your while (if you're reading it, that is)


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wow, what a lucky 16th birthday you had. I've never had a party before. My family don't do parties. We just attend to others. You must have had a great time. :music:

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