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Well he seems rather good at poker.



Sometimes I wonder why I even plan to go out with my friends. Like my life isn't as hectic as it is they seem to never agree on anything. So the last night I decided I was going to take charge. I asked my three bestfriends over for dinner. I also invited Chaz who told me that he might be able to go If he didn't have to do something or other for his brother who's apparently trash talking about me now but that's another story.


Well as the night progressess I end up burning the dinner so we order out chinese which ends up being very good. So after an hour of friendly banter, food and alcohol consumption, my friend Selene decides that we should play strip poker. We're all tipsy so we're all game. I close the curtains and we start the clothes shedding. We have a rule that we never go pass the underwear and if we're out we have to stay in our underwear until the game is over. So my two friends Selene and Rob lose real quick and their out. David and I are still in the game.


We play for about half an hour when we start raising the bets. I am down to my under shirt jeans and boxers. He only has a wife beater left. He says that he will go completely naked if he loses. I'm like hmm interesting so I say that I will lose every thing too if I lose. At this point Chaz walks in with his uninvited brother and gives me an appologetic look. I just shrug and return to the game. "Can I join," Chaz asks. "I'll make it fair and he strips his shirt." Selene's jaw is on the ground. I explain to him the risk. He says, "I'm game but if you both lose you have to run outside naked."


So we agree and Selene joins a minute later. So we play the round and it's down to me and Chaz. I have four queens and I'm really confident that I have won. When Chaz drops his four aces.


Green, four queens down and running nude through my back yard.


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Those pictures couldn't have come at a more perfect time. :2thumbs:


Green so how upset were you that you didn't win and get your peek under you know what? :lmao:


Oh, so what is the trash his brother was talking about you anyhow? Better yet what is he saying now after that dinner night? :P

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Green...now that was funny...where did James find the Green Streak II? ROFL!!!


I bet Chaz knows his brother is a bit off and doesn't care and loves you as his friend..after all he was going to strip and streak if he lost...so its all cool........at least its a great memory......and seeing his bare chest and well, almost naked, since he is hotter then Brad Pitt (and what the heck is he doing with Angelia Jolie who admits that basically she is a Lesbian and has had numerous affairs with women.but that's off track)


So, I am betting that maybe deep down inside, Chaz's brother who keeps showing up really has a thing for you and is doing the sixth grade trash talk thing to cover his real feelings...(ok, so that is pop psychology with no base in fact..but hey, I can have fun too:)


All in all..one heck of an evening.......one for the Green Memory Book:) did anyone get pics of all of you playing poke (and no I don't mean the Green streaking ones.....I mean bare chested and such....a neat memory:)


See Green, you do have fun blog postings:)


But seriously Dude why are the Emo Brothers called the Emo Brothers....a question for the Ages...your fans demand Answers NOW...hee hee:)



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