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My Approach to life



Hi everyone,


So I'm probably not the best person to give advice to others, but I am feeling pretty cheerful/content right now, despite all the junk life's been throwing at me recently. So anyway here's a few things I have opinions on. If nothing else it'll be nice for me to have them written down somewhere.


My Approach to Life:


-Learn how to be happy alone; if you don't enjoy your company why should anyone else?


-Always accept people's help and support, but always try to give more than you take.


-Don't freak out or be embarrassed when you don't know something; find out.


-Embrace people and things you don't understand; they're the ones you'll learn from.


-No one can make a fool of you, but you.


-Whenever you meet someone new assume you'll like them. If you don't it won't be your fault.


-Listen to people's advice. Make your own decisions.


-Things are fun: collect them, play with them, use them, but don't let them control you.


-Everyone has slightly different values and morals; that's fine.


-Confidence is the most attractive thing a person can wear; arrogance is the least.


-Don't let anyone intimidate you. Hold your head high when you walk. You know who you are; they don't.


-Trust people; they'll rarely let you down.


-Forgive them and get over it when they do.


-Take care of yourself; you're all you've got.




-Most offenses can be overcome with a smile and an apology.


-Be happy even if your circumstances try to dictate otherwise.


-Don't be afraid to cry; it makes you stronger.


-Never hold back a compliment.


-If they don't want you: leave. You can do better.


-Make a joke; make a friend


-In the words of Sheryl Crow: "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad"


-If it doesn't make sense, turn it over and look again.


-Don't burn a bridge; just build a raft.


-If you don't like something, change it.


-If they don't like something...well that's really not your problem.


-Honesty is great; kindness is better.


-Don't expect too much.


-Hope for a great deal.


-People's intentions matter.


-Don't view things as absolute; it's all relative.


-Things get better and even when they don't new things come along to replace them.


-Don't give up, but don't be stubborn


-If it hurts deal with it, then learn from it.


-Be spontaneous; you can't get lost if you don't know where you're going.


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Wear sunscreen...




I don't comment a lot, but I love Kevin's blogs, someone should write a musical called "Kevin!" based on his blogs.


Any takers?



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love it.



Wear sunscreen...




I don't comment a lot, but I love Kevin's blogs, someone should write a musical called "Kevin!" based on his blogs.


Any takers?




Awww thanks you guys!! :wub::D

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