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New Bestest Buddy?



Unfortunately, it's not of the human kind. In a previous blog, I talked about an Infusion Insulin Pump. I decided to go with it. This now means that I am connected to it 24/7. Anything I do, it goes with me. Even into the shower. I have to hang it on a neckless. The only time it won't be connected to me is when I change the infusion set.


There will be few times that I will have to take it off, most x-rays, coasters with a high g-force and/or use magnetics.. This means that next season, when Dorney Park opens opens VooDoo, I won't be wearing to the park.


On 11/26, I went for my first appointment to go over some things. I thought taking my blood sugar 4 times daily was bad enough. Before breakfast, sometimes before lunch, before my evening meal, and at bedtime. After that appointment, I now take it before each meal and again 2 hours later plus a final time at bedtime. I also have to count and keep track of my Carb intake. All this information when to help set up the pump.


On 12/4, I went for my second appointment that lasted for 3 hours. On this day, we set the pump up and started using as practice to get used to it. I'm using a saline solution currently to get used to it. I'm also still counting carbs the same as I did the first week.


On 12/11, I have my third appointment at which time, I will start using Insulin. The advantage of the pump is, I will no longer have to inject myself 4 times a day. I can do it thru the pump.


The pump is currently set to inject 0.775 units per hour. After meals, I will be able to inject a bolus to help bring down a high blood sugar.


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My barber got the pump a few years ago, only a couple years after her insulin production dropped to zero. She's always talking about how much it improved her life. What I think she enjoys most are the chances to cheat a little more on the carbs. Those few bites of cheesecake aren't the huge demon they once were because she can pump in a few extra units to take care of the extra carbs. She says it takes her a few days to get through one piece, but at least now she can look at cheesecake and not run away in fear.


Carl :boy:

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now this is easier to say than do, but do not cheat, be methodical, every little extreme affects the body. you have to do exercise, and although with a pump you can do sudden bursts of exercise, a fast walk over a longer time is better, food little and often.

Yes I know it is the diabetics mantra, but it is worth it


Best wishes Red

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I've found over time, that moderation is the key. Stick with the suggested serving size. Sometimes tho, this can't be done. Case in point, when it comes to wheat, and whole grain breads, how do they expect you to make a decent sandwich with only one slice? When I fix a hamburger, I use slices of bread instead of a hamburger bun. There's more carbs in one bun than 4 slices of bread. The same is true with potatoes. They are starchy and that starch turns to sugar.


The pump also has a list of food categories and their carbs. In the Snack section, they include all sorts of candies and snacks. This list includes M & M's, plain and peanut, and the carbs are higher for the plain.

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Its been awhile since I've written anything but here's an update on the pump.


Since my last appointment, I've been faxing two weeks worth of blood sugar readings to my doctor. Later that day, she calls me and we've made some adjustments to the pump. We've done that three times now and I think we are getting to the point where I'm not having to take as many bolus during the day time to bring my blood sugar down.

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