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B-rated dreams



What does it mean when you dream about home, but the home you dream about is a house you haven't lived in for ten years?


In keeping with earlier crack-headed dreams; I had a dream last night. It was odd in the way anyone blowing their head off is odd. I was at home and there was this strange guy there. Mid 50's stocky and bald, I don't know this person. I don't know why he was in my head last night. I surely don't know why my head decided it was prudent for him to remove his.


I think he was an associate of my Dads, former army pal or something. At least that was the premise, as I have met some of my dad's army buddy's and this guy looked nothing like any of them. I'd venture to say he was very Danny DaVito-ish; only bald and more tan. Anyhow this guys presence was not of question to my parents so he certainly must have belonged.


Anyhow he didn't show up for dinner and I was sent in search of him seeing as he was lodged in my childhood bedroom. When I got there, I saw the red splatter on the walls and turned around. I felt nauseous, because of the blood to be sure. Anyhow I told my parents they needed to call 9-1-1, and then I rethought it. Considering the event was no longer an emergency, the guy was obviously dead, his head was on my wall, I told my sister she had better just call the police instead. No need in tying things up for a real emergency I guess.


Jump forward to staying in a hotel room, because well


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It couldn't have been me in your dream. I am in my mid-50's (sort of) and stocky (definitely). I still have my hair though. :D Thank god for tender mercies. I'm also tall...certainly much taller than Danny Devito. :D


It's obvious to me that you have issues with authority figures. :lol:


As for the half-naked dude, that's just lust...pure unadulterated sock-it-to-me lust. B) Please send me all the details in a private PM. I'll be sure to respond in greater depth......and girth. :P


Good on ya for the marks you're getting! Kicking ass at Christmas! :2thumbs:



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To answer your initial question ... it means ... get the f**K out of your parent's house where you are treated like a kid. If you don't get out, you will lose your hair, shink, get fat and be so disgusted with yourself that you blow your brians out.


not gonna comment on the hotel room as I think it is totally meaningless :blink:


:king: Snoopy

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