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Stale as Week Old Bread..

Mark Arbour


So I finished up on my latest story, Be Rad. I'll post Chapter 40 (the final one) today sometime, and started on the next one. I'm kind of frustrated with myself. I have a really hard time writing in a true prick. Not as in male phallus, as in someone who is truly bad and evil, and has no redeeming qualities. Every time I try to do it, I end up rehabbing them and making them human and, to me, somewhat likable. (I almost wrote lickable. Freudian slip). I worry that this makes my writing kind of stale, old, repetitive. Maybe I need a Darth Vader figure. But shit, even he was redeemed in the end.


Maybe it's just human nature to look and hope for the good in people. Maybe it's just my nature to always want to give someone a second chance. I don't know. Maybe if I could just channel some of my darker moments in the forums I'd be able to really create an evil bastard. Maybe I shouldn't.


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Mark, I wouldn't worry much about proper villains. There was enough conflict and emotional roller-coasters in Be-Rad to make it a great story. In fact, IMHO, this is perhaps the best story you've written out of these characters.


The ending, though sad, is one of the best endings to a story I've ever read in a long time, and the uncertainity towards the future is always a good closer, at least for me.


Thanks very much for writing it, for posting it in such a rapidfire fashion, and for the promise of another one, which hopefully will be equally rapidfire (wink, wink).

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I'm sure whatever you decide to do with the current "villain" will work out great anyway. I really enjoy your writing.


I'm a little up in the air about the relationship between Brad and Robbie. A part of me wants to see them get back together because they really love each other, but another says that maybe its time for Brad to really move on. Brad and JP are so much a like (e.g. J.P. and Jeff who was such a drain on J.P.).


I'm looking forward to the next instalments. Now that I've read all of the series so far its great to be caught up.

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