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Some thoughts on Views in Story Archive

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For some reason, probably typical author ego curiosity, I chose to sort stories in the archive by the number of 'views' and came across quite a few surprises for me.


My first surprise was that Dawn of Tears is the sixth most popular story in the archives (Comicality, Bill W., Freethinker, and Gymnopedies all have the top 5, and since all their works I love, it's quite heady to think one of my stories might be up there with theirs.


There's a large amount of stories between Dawn and my next most popular story, and I was quite surprised when I saw what story that was. Phone Call was a story that I never had any real intention of writing, and in a way different than Vampire Jarred, was another 'guilty pleasure' I indulged in. I've met, and gotten to know a few Hollywood types over the years, and had read a few stories in the Boy Bands sections of Nifty a few times. Let's just say some of the things I saw in there made me cringe, and one of them (I don't even remember which), made me say "no...this is more realistic". Somewhere along the way I stretched things just a little, but kept things mostly in line with things from personal experiences.


An interesting side-not on that story, Phone Call, is that while I was writing the story I got to meet one of the main characters in that story in real life. You want to imagine a feeling of unease...try meeting someone who is a real-life person you are writing a fanfic about, and trying to hold a conversation with them while sipping on a drink.


Then try doing a few shots.


Myr's been bugging the hell out of me to get Phone Call up on the board here, so I guess he's been right. I'll have to get those files cleaned up and sent to him.


It's a long way down to my next-most popular story, Mists of Fate. Mists was the first story I ever posted on the web, and it seems like ages ago since I wrote that. I've got a spin-off stories that I never published, several half-written that I think I'm going to have to go and finish some time.


Now, my question for y'all...How important are the # of views a story has had in choosing what to read? What exactly do y'all look for that helps you pick the story you'll look at? What methods do you use to pick stories from the Archive to read?


I know that if I see a story I really liked I'll do a search on the author's name to see if there's more by that author. Is that what some of you do?


Have fun!

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Dan I have done so much reading over the last few years. I have really slowed down this last year. I had a lot of time on my hands and was able to at least read the first paragraph of each story posted at nifty on a daily basis for quite some time. If it grabed my attention then I would at least read the first chapter. I do pay attention to how many people have read and voted and reccomended a story though. But it is not my number 1 prioity. When I find a author I enjoy, I do a search of nifty and then the web. Also check out Gay author sites that host great stories. It seems that I am always finding and site out there that I have missed or, even a story(and that does not happen too often). The Cafe here at gayauthors is a good place to start looking. The Cafe is not the only place, even here at gayauthors. You really need to read through all the sections, you will find links to some great stories in the strangest places.


Dan I think this is a wonderful topic you started, I am really interested myself in how others pick the stories that they read. I went back to a site I had not been to in quite some time this evening because of a post on this board. And I must say I am so gald that I did, it has really changed since the last time I was there. Lot's of stories now!!!!!

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Myr's been bugging the hell out of me to get Phone Call up on the board here, so I guess he's been right. I'll have to get those files cleaned up and sent to him.

Now you know why ;)


Now, having had a great big hand in the programming of the archive and selecting the features availible, let me just say that I use them all. The total view count is a great feature, but I realized fairly quickly that it had a major flaw. If I add a great story today, it is going to be some time before it ends up with a lot of views, no matter what. So, we came up with the wonderful average of "Views per Day"


I usually sort the archive by ratings (I look things over to see who has 10's and to see if those 10's have more than 1 vote) and I look at views per day to see who is most popular at the moment. Last, I look at total views to see who is the most popular over time.


The rating system would work a lot better if people not only took the time to vote but to also leave comments about why they voted the way they did. It might even help the author a) improve B) write more.


hey... now would also be a good time to remind everyone that we are always looking for new stories for the archive...

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hey... now would also be a good time to remind everyone that we are always looking for new stories for the archive...


Hey, not to toot my own horn or anything :ph34r: But you can add three of my stories that aren't in there yet;


Title: Diffusion of Responsiblity

Link: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/highschool/...responsibility/

Type: High School

Description: 14yr Tom is in the closet and notices a boy named Kevin who was 'outed' and bullied at his school. One day Tom acts to save him from a group of bullies and the two boys become friends...

Rating: tt: Oral, Anal


Title: Harry Potter and the Unwanted Thirst

Link: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/celebrity/unwanted-thirst/

Type: Fanfiction

Description: Harry saves Draco from a vampire attack but they are both bitten in the process. To add to his problems he finds Draco attractive and it seems the Dark Lord is affiliating himself with a powerful vampire...

Rating: tt: Oral, Anal


Title: Tears of Blood

Link: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/tears-of-blood/

Type: Sci-Fi

Description: 13yr Tom begs for change every day on the streets to survive. When he is attacked by vampires the situation looks helpless until a vampire who looks his age saves him from being killed by turning him and allowing him to join a vampire hunter organisation.

Rating: tt: Oral, Anal


I'll give nifty and fanfiction.net a scour later on tonight and let you know if I find anything good

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Hey folks... We have 229 stories in the archive to date. Let's get that up to at least 250 by the end of August. Want to help? Post stories here, just like BM did. I can add them really fast when all the information is readily availible.

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