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You're all ready to start reading a brand new story. You've gotten your computer surfing chair all nice and comfy, you put a beverage next to you, you click on your favorite story site, and look for a snazzy title that catches your eye. You take a chance on something that seems interesting, and before you get into the story...you find yourself reading ten minutes worth of introductory warnings.


We've all seen them. If you're under 18, go away. If it's illegal in your part of the world, don't look at it. This work is copywritten by the author, don't steal it. This story is about 'enter subject here', but I don't condone it. I think this celebrity is hot, but I don't know their sexuality, so please don't sue me. Remember to wear condoms in real life. As well as hundreds of other variants. Some even introduce and describe the characters involved, and the type of sex that will eventually take place before the end of the chapter.


What do you guys, readers and writers alike, think about these intros and warnings? I've seen many of them stated almost word for word on stories for as long as I've been reading them. Some authors found humorous and creative ways to get around the 'professional' text of it, but get you to read it just the same. And sometimes it just goes on and on and on until you half to scroll down three or four times just to get past it.


What are you thoughts on this? Are these warnings necessary? Or do people ignore them, making them a formality? Or do they help? Especially when it describes the story and the sex involved in the very beginning, letting you know what you're in for before you waste your time? When you get a chance, travel on over to Nifty, click on 10 to 15 random stories, and just read the introductory warnings at the beginning of the text. What does it really tell you? How useful is it to you? And tell us if you think it's necessary. I've heard support for both sides, so what do YOU think?

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I don't normally read them, but then there are few things that I believe I need to be warned about before I start reading. Other people are not the same. In some cases it can be critical. Eg. If a story involves abuse or suicide, then I think it is important that the reader be warned before hand, because they are topics that can be very distressing for some readers.


The legal disclaimers are just a formality. They have to be there to protect the author, but otherwise serve no purpose.


Personally, I don't put disclaimers at the start of my stories. I don't believe they need them. I have a copyright and disclaimer section at the end, which essentially states that I own the story and that all characters are fictional. That's all -- and I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of readers stop at the end of the chapter and don't read the disclaimer at all.

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