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:: Stretching My Typing Fingers Out ::

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Every year, my best friends and I always spend about three weeks partying and having a good time because our birthdays are all clustered together. And since I spent most of my last birthday in the hospital trying to get well again, we definitely spiced things up this year. Felt REALLY good!


The last party was Saturday, and it was an awesome close to a big celebration! Life...celebrate it every chance you get, you know? :)


Anyway, as much fun as I had being away...I LOVE being back! Hehehe! It's like being 'home' again, you know? Anyway, I'm having another email marathon on Wednesday this week! So I hope to talk to everybody I missed last week. AND...I really want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes!!!!! I tried sooo hard to find the link again so I could say than you beforenow, but it was...I dunno...I got lost on GA somewhere and couldn't find it again! Arrrgh! But I truly TRULY appreciate it! I LOVE you all!


gotta run! But I'll be back soon! In fact, I have a weekly topic for tomorrow! And super thanks to Agincourt for the reviews too! :: Smooches :: Love you lots, dude!!!

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