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M.A.S.D.S -----:(

Mark M

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Soh Now that all the current stories have ended the suffering begins....now i know you can't always write....things come up that need to be adressed in real life. But know this Mr. Mark Arbour. Your stories are amazing. And though you need a holiday, probably to some kinky boat of somesort, we'll want the next one ASAP.


Right now my MASDS for me is at 2%................really.....i couldn't think of a better name....

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No you haven't but being without a current story is so sad. Please cheer us up. My guess is Gathan for the new narrator. Will is a little so young.

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Matt Carswold for narrator ....


He makes a trip to North West England.... where he meets West, an eccentric and incredibly sexy englishman and his hot HOT HOT slavic Boyfriend..... who want a threesome.... :dreams:



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