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Character Theme Songs


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What songs make you think of a certain character? I know we have "Killer Queen" for Elizabeth Danfield, but I'm kinda curious to see people would see as character theme songs. And why.


Will Schluter-



It's pretty much inevitable that when this song comes out in spring '04, Ryan and Jason are going to joke that this is Will's theme song. LOL.


JJ Schluter-



More than anyone else in this generation, I really feel JJ's urge to break away from his family, and go to strike his own pathway. He doesn't seem like someone who's content to stay in southern California his entire life- I think JJ would become a worldly traveler who never stayed in any one place for too long.


The alternative theme for JJ-


Lose Yourself by Emimem


Getting in the zone...I always thought this song was great for any person trying to seize their moment.

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No, that's Darius's theme song. Will's is something out of Britney Spears's repertoire. Womanizer and Toxic spring to mind, but only because I'm hazy on the lyrics from Britney's first album (I only really like her later, more heavily synthesized stuff. I DID mention I liked techno music.) No arguments on JJ's selections, but every other character we've seen that has been pushing against their bonds, starting with JP but also including Isiodore, a good portion of the Hayes clan, Peter, and others, eventually did find a place that felt right. Usually, they had to create that space, but that's alright. I wouldn't mind that as a narrative for JJ, and am eager to see how that would come about.


With that in mind, an alternative for JJ,


Like many country songs, I feel it is less about running away than running towards, but your milage may vary.


A couple other country songs, jsut because I can,a nd because someone should speak for the Clairemont contingent.


For Ella, and a bit for Claire,


For Zach,


Look, I didn't pick the song titles. But this one screams Zach.


Going to need to give Gathan some thought. Nothing in my playlist felt quite right. Country just might not be up to him, as he's, to me, defintely on the dark side characterwise, despite all the sexual healing he's experienced. Well, alright, I can think of a couple appropriate ones, but they are all songs by females and feel feminine (which doesn't always happen, as we all well know). And Gathan is pretty damn manly; any theme song will have to reflect that. I think I'm going to have to delve back into older country singers like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams (all three of them). Such a hardship *snicker*.


Edit: Wow, that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Almost immedietely, I was reminded about this:



Yes, it's a cover, and so doesn't really count as country. But it's going to be a long while before I find something else that speaks to Gathan's basic meloncholy while sacrificing none of his power. It may not be his theme song forever, but right now? When he has everything and nothing? This is him.

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The "99 Problems" one is mainly about how no matter how many problems Will has, female troubles will never be one of them. I had friends that joked with me about how, being gay, a "bitch" will never be one of my problems.


Like many country songs, I feel it is less about running away than running towards, but your milage may vary.

"Running towards". I think that's a more apt description of how I view JJ's character. He's not someone I can see being content to do what Brad did- getting a house in Malibu, raising a family- I think he's got other things to do, I believe. Which include breaking away from being the ignored middle brother of the Schluter family. I think the thought of moving off into his own away from his family would really appeal to him. (Hence, why I think he'll end up in either Chicago, New York City, London, maybe Paris.)


Going to need to give Gathan some thought.

This song has been SCREAMING Gathan to me:



A mix of hope and despair, and someone in a new set of circumstances trying to deal with it. Totally how I saw Gathan. This would have been the song playing in the airport scene where Gathan gets all depressive, had that scene taken place in 2011 instead of 2000.


Matt Carrswold-



This came out when he would have been a 10th grader, and it totally feels like how I imagine his life was in high school.

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No, that's Darius's theme song. Will's is something out of Britney Spears's repertoire. Womanizer and Toxic spring to mind, but only because I'm hazy on the lyrics from Britney's first album (I only really like her later, more heavily synthesized stuff. I DID mention I liked techno music.)


I actually thought about this, and I gotta say, I disagree. Britney Spears doesn't really fit Will's personality- he's too chill and low-key and not really flamboyant enough for Britney Spears. Britney Spears is more suited to a diva like JJ. When I think of Will, I think poppy skater punk, indie rock, stoner rock, and maybe some hip-hop.


I'm thinking "First Date" by Blink 182 for Will.



Kinda capture's Will's puppy love deal in "Poor Man's Son."


And "Swing Swing" by All-American Rejects makes me think of whenever Will would get all angsty when it didn't work out with his "boyfriend" of the moment.



Aww, nothing like teen angst. (God, what the HELL happened to Tyson Ritter???? He used to be so gorgeous.)

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I doubt we'll reach an agreement on this. Partly because I don't really see Will as all that laid back. He may grow up to be, but at the moment he is very thirteen. And yeah, he's laid back compared to JJ, but so are howler monkeys and pomeranians.


One point of contention though, are you certain you'r analyzing Brittney Spears herself, her music, or her fans with that description?


Moving on,


I can't decide which character this fits best. I think it might be a cipher for Jeanine, Robbie, Brad AND Cody.

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Alright, what I mean is- Britney Spears music is about being a diva, campy, and over the top. It's about being dramatic and the like. Will isn't a drama queen, he's not flamboyant, and he's not campy. He's more of a wry smart-ass. And I'm going off by what I've seen of her devoted fans to tell you that I really don't see Britney Spears when it comes to Will. Will is more like surfer stoner rock, skater punk rock, some hip-hop and classic rock thrown in. He doesn't feel like a Britney Spears dance tune, the way JJ screams it. ("Circus" by Britney. Sooooo JJ.) Of course, your mileage may vary here.


"1985" is interesting. I can see all of it being for them, especially for Jeanine. Her life basically became all about raising children in 1985, and you can kinda see the bitterness there. I like that.



"Milkshake" by Kelis for Stefan. Obviously.



And I like "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent for Cody.


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Brad and Robbie's song, circa Man In Motion.


"More Than This" by Roxxy Music


Bitty's Theme Song, Man in Motion


"Live to Tell" by Madonna


I wanted to use this soooo badly for the scene where Bitty admits that JJ's father is Jim Crampton, but that scene was set in December 1985 and this is an 1986 song. Argh.

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I could see this being JJ's theme song, if/when he gets fame and doesn't handle it well.



I seriously wonder what's going to happen to these guys when they get into their late teens/early 20's. Those can be some crazy-ass years, especially if you're someone who lived a repressed adolescence like JJ where you didn't get a chance to go crazy that much.

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Alright, this was basically Will's theme song whenever he got into Emo mode:



This song nails that whole "I am 14 and NOOOOOOO one understands me and my very poignant and original teen angst because I'm all alone in the world with these deep feelings!" point of view.


It's kind of nice that emo bands like New Found Glory and Simple Plan coincided with Will and JJ's high school years. That'll make things easy.

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I'm not talking emo mode as in Will's going to start wearing Marie's jeans and eyeliner with gravity defying-hair while posting carefully angled pictures of himself on Myspace- just short for "emotional" mode. As in when Will got all "I'm 14 and no one understands me or my teenaged angst." That kind of thing. I can see Will being cool with emo kids, because he comes off as the kind of guy that could chill with any kind of group of kids, but the closest he might get would be taking on the whole skater punk deal(although that's fading out by the early 2000's), which would still be pretty different from emo. Although really, I don't see Will as a guy who can be easily categorized into any one group.


This seems like a good Brad theme for Paternity:



I cannot tell you how much I love this song. I can't wait 'til it's '06 in the story so I can use it.

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   I heard this song get played in Warm Bodies, and it was such a great 80's flashback. I can totally picture 22-year old Brad secretly listening to this song on endless repeat while brooding about his breakup from Robbie.


"Missing You" by John Waite

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