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New "Teen Pop Nostradamus" Poll Is Up For 2012!


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As some of you may remember, last year we made predictions on which young teen pop star hopefuls would make it big in 2011! And the votes were pretty much accurate! Well the next batch of teen cuties are making their play for stardom in 2012! So be sure to stop by and cast your votes!


(NOTE: I'll be setting up a new voting system this week! So just stop by and check out the competition! A new polling system will be up soon!)



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Done! New Teen Pop Nostradamus Link Is Up!



What is the material needed for teen pop stardom? You would definitely have to have a voice. But it can't be all voice. Being cute is always a major bonus. But it can't be all looks. Writing and playing your own instruments is awesome. But it can't be all passion. Dancing and being able to work the crowd is necessary. But it can't be all charisma.


Somehow, teen pop stardom goes to the ones who can somehow take all of these elements and create what the industry and the fans would consider 'The Total Package'. Someone who can hit all of the above at some level and blend them into something that will ultimately create an incredible artist! (Say what you want about Bieber...but he's the posterboy example of touching on a little bit of EVERY category!)


Last year we made predictions on who would come out on top, and you guys were pretty much right! With Greyson, Cody, Justin, and One Direction, making a lot of noise in the industry and gaining a boatload of fans! Let's see who will be the stars of 2012! We'll come back in the summer time and see how our boys are doing!


And of course...if you're one of the anti-pop listeners who would rather chill with some Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, Beatles, or whatever it is you like...hey...it's a bunch of cute boys! Hehehe, look and smile! Posted Image There are some serious hotties in this bunch! Enjoy!


(NEW Voting Poll Now Set Up!!!)


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Jebus, Comsie! You must spend hours putting together all of those videos. Yikes! Pretty soon you'll be creating all of your stories in film snippets and making feature-length movies with them :o Hehehe... hmmmmm.


I'm going to have to go with Dima as my fav for this year. Not because I can't understand him, and not because he's talented, or anything like that. I just think he's got a real 'stage' face. With the right marketing, and a lot more photos, he's got what it takes to make it to the top, talent aside :P You just watch. I'll give it two years, max!

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