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Is it a bad thing...

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Is it a bad thing if you see people making stupid mistakes when doing things, laugh hysterically when they do it wrong, but don't give advice because you don't think that they'd not listen to you..


I Have a neighbor who had a tree fall on his roof (the roof was mostly undamaged from the fall). Then the guy proceeded to try to yank it off the roof. Which just caused the tree to act like a saw. My thoughts were they should have cut it appart...


Now he's trying to lift it back up from the stump end... using the stump, which one probably isn't going to work and for two IS going to make it worse...Posted Image


But he's a police officer... you don't critize their work openly Posted Image

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It's not a bad thing IMO. My neighbors were building a deck, like a 15 feet off the ground deck, and the way they were doing it was totally wrong and it might have collapsed so my dad went over and politely told them what they were doing wrong and they got all snotty and "we know what we're doing" about it, then a half hour later they were just doing what my dad said anyway. Personally I'd have just stayed out of it and let them screw up on their own. Especially if they're gonna be all rude about it.

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Oh yes you do. Officers aren't necessarily smarter than you and might even welcome some ideas. At least off duty anyway. Also, do you have a saw?


No but he does, i've seen and heard it and he finally sawed it in half...still not sure why he halled it into the air after all that.
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Well..., you shouldn't laugh hysterically.... Just give the advice. Most of them will listen. Just because he is an officer doesn't mean he is superman. You can't expect everyone to know everything.

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When you know someone is doing something... and it looks wrong, you should at least make an attempt. It is their own fault if they don't listen and they end up doing more work than what is necessary. If they act snotty and unappreciative, then you know their reaction for the next time they are about to mess something up.. and then you can laugh hysterically. ;)

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I might say something like, "Would you like me to offer a suggestion?" Then I would leave it up to them. If they want to hear it, fine. If not, it's their problem, and then I can feel free to laugh.

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I hate to admit I'm the kind that giggles at stuff like that. Someone trips or something, I struggle to keep a straight face, even if I'm the one that helps them get up.


I remember once a woman walked into a glass door in front of me, and while I'm really sorry for her pain and embarrassment, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. I think if I saw someone about to do something really dangerous or stupid, I'd say something and if they continued and went wrong I'd have a real problem controlling my laughter. :P

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