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What were they thinking?

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I just read this article:




I wasn't a big Reagan fan either, but why do something like this, that only makes the gay community look bad and gives fuel to our detractors? Is common sense a thing of the past? This is not the way to convince the opposition that you're not so bad, but it might cause those on the fence to start leaning the other way about supporting gay rights, especially those that revere Reagan.

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I read about this earlier. Not only is it classless but it's ignorant too. Reagan might not have been flying the rainbow flag but he opposed the Briggs Amendment which from a Republican president in 1978 is a pretty big show of support for gays. Way to just blindly assume all Republicans are gay haters. Stereotype much?


EDIT: Ugh, I'm an idiot. He was governer back then. Still, even if he was governer of liberal ass California, it's a pretty big thing for a guy who's planning on running for President as a Republican to do in 1978.

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It takes one rotten apple to spoil a whole barrel!


It often pisses me off how the actions of a few tarnish the reputation of the entire gay population. And we fall into this trap over and over again. You'd think we'd learn as a community not to so willingly provide ammunition to bigots, fundamentalists and anti gay campaigners alike.


I guess we have our own fundamentalist hard core who just can't help themselves, but its sad idiots like this that will get people bullied, harrased or even killed as people take out theirs or a peer frustration on any target that presents itself as a result of a culture of hate bread through daft reactions like this.

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Isn't this more of a soapbox kind of topic?


In any event, it is interesting the amount of hate that Ronald Reagan gets from the gay community. There's a definite perception that Reagan didn't do enough to stem the tide of AIDS in the 1980's because it was a "gay disease."

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