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Hello everyone my name is Jonathan not ray lol but anyway im new here and want to write a story i have all the ideas in my head but not sure where to start. Ive writen stories before back in highschool but never a gay story ;). So this would very new to me now all my old stories are set in the future the far future lol and they are all sci fi. I think im going to set it at 2008 were a boy gets kidnaped and taken to a lab were he gets experimented and going through different test. The lab techs are doing this because they believe the boy is the very first (now bare with me) super human lol. Witch he very well is. His name is Roary. Now roary is 16 years old in our eyes but he is very old does not age and yes roary is gay haha super human gay!!! But anyway the man who runs the lab, the boss is gabriel he is the one that found roary. So yeah they begin doing these test, cloning and taking his dna and putting them into other kids they have kidnaped. Well roary doesent lile this and unlocks his powers using his rage and anger. ok well not going to say anymore lol let me know what you think so far and if i should change anything and yes there will be love parts hehehe. Roary is a very sad but kind loving kid and he meets his first lover in the lab. Omg i said i stoped ok good bye i want all feed back let me know

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First, if you have the story and the idea-write it! Make it your own somehow, because there are 'lab experiment/betrayal by docs/love stories' stories out there. Heck, I did one-though mine was a futuristic/alien story, lol. My biggest bit of advice? Get yourself a beta reader and/or an editor. You've a few misspelled words in your write up-bare and witch are both homophones. You should've had 'bear with me' and 'which he very well is'. If you look up those words you'll see they each have very different meanings. The words we choose when writing are very important and those types of mistakes are easily caught by an experienced team to help support you.


Also, it seems you are doing a modern fantasy. I like to read and write that mix of genres quite a bit and I've written up a few thoughts on that lately. The most important thing for creating a fantastical element to your story is to make sure you follow the rules of your world. What powers does your main character, Roary, have? Do they develop over time? If they weren't unlocked before he finds out about the experiments, how did the doctors know he was a super human? Is his power scientifically explainable and that's how they figure out to give them to other kids? OR do the doctos go blind into it and not care if it fails on the off-chance that it works? When they take his DNA and put it into the other kids, do they develop the same powers? Do they have different powers? If anger is his trigger, do they have the same trigger? How do they control their powers? How do they learn that control?


A lot of questions, right? You have to think of all of that when you write something that isn't already explainable and 'known' to readers. You have to explain your fantastical element and then stick to it to make it believable. That is your goal, even when you are making things up! Posted Image Good luck Jonathan, and don't forget we have a huge resource in the Writer and Editor's Corner forums.

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Thank you so much cia and sorry about the miss spelling and wow those are allot of questions but dont worry lol i have an answer for all of them. This story has been in my head gor so long and now it must come out. Now im just an amateur writer i've never put anything online for people to read so im alittle scared 0_o i just hope people will like it.

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In my experience there is more of a chance of receiving good reviews then bad ones simply because if someone doesn't like something they don't comment, unless it's really bad or they're jerks so don't get scared. By the looks of your summary/idea you have a lot so go with it! Just write and if you're new at it I find that it is easier to write in clumps, just get out all the ideas you have while they're fresh and good even if it isn't in chronological order. You can edit it later or get a beta or editor to do it for you, let them suffer! Lol have fun writing ^^

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