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Prompt #176 - Creative

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Your child has just told you they found something and want to keep it as a pet, but as they describe it to you, you smile thinking of all the stories you read as a child. Positive they are just imagining things you follow them out into the yard where you see it. What is it your child has found?

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The Pilliwiggin

“Daddy…. Come quick, look what I found!”
“What is it?” I impatiently turned around
“It’s a little fey, with an injured wing;
and when I picked it up it began to sing!”
“Daddy…come quick, it isn’t far
It’s just outside in an old jam jar,”
“Don’t be silly, it just can’t be.
It’s probably a moth, or a strange little bee.”
I was dragged outside to look at this being
To discover it was a Pilliwiggin
There’s little known about these little fay
But they live in the flowers that bloom each day
So we mended his wing, and set him free
And then I hugged my child to me
“I’m sorry for snapping, in disbelief,
Now go and play, stop giving me grief.
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